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Microsoft 70-740 is designed for those professionals who work with installation, compute functionalities and storage in Windows Server 2016. These individuals carry out general installation tasks while managing and creating images for deployment. To attempt this exam, it is recommended that the candidates have hands-on experience dealing with local and server storage solutions such as the configuration of disks and volumes; high availability; data de-duplication; disaster recover; failover clustering solutions, and storage spaces direct.
In addition to this, the candidates also should be conversant with managing Containers and Hyper-V, as well as monitoring and maintaining services in compute and physical environments. Microsoft 70-740 is one of the three exams that one has to pass in order to earn the MCSA credential, namely MCSA: Windows Server 2016. It is essential that you develop capacity in Windows 2016 server installation in compute and host environment before you sit for this test.
There are some specific tasks that the students are required to perform while taking the 70-740 exam. Developing mastery in the skills will guarantee a good score in the test. As highlighted by Microsoft, the skill topics are:
• Implementing High Availability – 30-35%
• Implementing Hyper-V – 20-25%
• Implementing Storage Solutions – 15-20%
• Installing Windows Server in Host & Compute Environments – 10-15%
• Maintaining & Monitoring Server Environments – 10-15%
• Implementing Windows Containers – 5-10%
Generally, you can have about 50 questions in the exam. The percentages of the objectives mentioned above indicate the weight of questions that can be expected from each of them. Passing the test requires some diligence and hard work. There are many good study tools that you can use to develop your skills in these exam contents. To ensure your success, we have highlighted some tips that will be of immense help to your preparation and will ensure your success in this MCSA certification test. Let’s look at them in detail.

• Choose Your Book Carefully
There are many books that cater to the Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016. However, not all of them are ideal for your specific learning pattern. The fact that a book is well-detailed and comprehensive doesn’t mean it is the perfect guide for your preparation. You have to understand your learning style. If you are not great in reading lengthy materials, you might want to stick with resources with precise and straightforward content. There are numerous books available for Microsoft 70-740, including the official study guide, Exam Ref 70-740: Installing Storage & Compute with Windows Server 2016. You can check out the different resource materials and choose your tutorial carefully. In addition, many of these books come with practice questions and answers to help you evaluate how well you are learning.

• Take a Training Course
Self-study is not a bad idea, but you increase your chance of success when you enroll for a training course. By taking a course on the Microsoft 70-740 exam, you can get the explanations of the exam content from the seasoned experts. Training courses are delivered by professionals in the industry. They have wealth of experience and they understand what the examiners are looking for. Thus, you will someone reliable to ask the questions and consult. You get to learn the practical aspect of the test from these specialists and you can know tips and tricks on how you can pass the exam.

• Develop Hands-on Experience
In addition to books and training courses, you need to develop hands-on experience on specific software to be able to attain the passing score. Apart from ensuring your success, it also equips you with the needed skills to function in your job role. The good part is that you don’t have to purchase the Windows Server 2016 software before you develop hands-on experience. You can simply use the 180-day trial version and dedicate your time to learning everything you can before the expiration of the trial. However, it is recommended that you purchase the software if you can afford it as it can be useful for you in your future endeavor.

• Join a Discussion Forum/Study Group
Study groups and discussion forums are great ways to learn from others. There are many professionals preparing for the same exam, and it is important to share ideas with other test-takers. You learn from them and vice versa. You also try to avoid the mistakes of those who have already written their exams and tell about their experiences. However, you have to be careful when choosing what to pay attention to on a discussion forum. Try to verify the information and be sure that it is indeed correct. Don’t rely on everyone’s opinion.

• Take Practice Tests
A practice test enables you to discover the gaps in your knowledge of the exam content. When you go through resource materials, try taking practice tests to measure what you understand. Many books and online training courses come with sample questions that you can work through. In addition to this, there are some other online websites that offer practice questions and answers to get you familiar with the patterns. Some of these platforms includeExamSnap, PrepAway, and Exam-Labs. You can explore exam simulations on these sites, which will give you the opportunity to take practice tests in a real exam scenario.

The aim of the Microsoft 70-740 exam is to equip the candidates with the skills and knowledge required to function as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate specialist. It goes beyond passing your test, and you must understand this. You should prove that you can work efficiently. Your MCSA certification should be accompanied by the relevant knowledge so that you can explore various opportunities that come with the credential. In addition to this, you need to keep updating your skills in order to remain relevant in the industry.