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With Microsoft’s career-based certifications, professionals won’t have a hard time choosing what they really want to do with their career. Instead, they can now easily lay out their career goals with the help of these role-based credentials.

And if you’re unto a fresh start with Azure, the best way to commence your journey is through Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals. This fundamental credential is awarded once you complete and pass MCSE AZ-900. So, here is prepaway page !

Understanding Microsoft Azure fundamentals through MCSE AZ-900 exam

Whether you are a newbie in the industry or a career shifter, you need to have something that gives you an impeccable foundation in Azure. And you can acquire it by preparing and completing MCSE AZ-900. This entry-level exam, however, isn’t something you can study for just a night. The value of this certification exam is very crucial as it serves as a core foundation of your Azure comprehension. It establishes and validates your understanding of vital cloud concepts, key Azure services, pricing, support, and more. That is why you need to exert more effort in studying and ensuring that you have covered all topics.

And because of such importance among IT professionals of different positions, the best way to start is by starting off with a plan. Then, everything else follows.

Preparing for the exam

Studying an important exam can be intimidating, but not if you have organized a strategic plan. Know the topics first-hand and then create a schedule that features when you should start and end one topic. Since there are four main topics for MCSE AZ-900, then you should design a guide that will encompass all key areas.

One great way to ensure that you have everything covered is by availing both self-paced and instructor-led courses. These training materials are an excellent alternative to books. Plus, these are highly interactive that makes learning more fun. The self-paced course is free of charge yet comes with all the things you need to know about the exam. It features 11 vital modules that are broken down into separate videos. This way you won’t have a hard time digesting all subjects in one sitting. On the other hand, the instructor-led course is suitable for those who want to study at their own preferred time and place. Though this is a paid session, this is immensely beneficial because it’s a one-on-one training customized for you.

To check if you have done your part effectively, don’t forget the practice tests. Aside from the official training resources offered by Microsoft, you can search around and utilize their wide collection of exam references. They provide a notable range of study guides, training courses, audio guides, and even practice tests. So, there’s seriously no need to hunt around and look for the best exam materials for MCSE AZ-900 because has it all.

For successful passers of MCSE AZ-900, you will be awarded with lots of career benefits that you’ll surely look forward to.

  • Validates your grasp on Azure subjects

Completion of the exam means that you have fully validated your core knowledge of the important Azure subjects. You are now a competent Azure professional who knows how to handle basic yet vital subjects. Through this exam, you already know the importance of cloud services, the difference between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and the value of Azure network connectivity, architectural security, and more.

  • Adds colour to your professional career

If you’ve done everything you could to clinch your dream job or ace that promotion, but still nothing happened, then you better invest your money, time, and effort to get a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification. Prepare for its required exam MCSE AZ-900 and see how recruiters fall head over heels with your application. Surely, this certification shows your efficiency and effectiveness as a professional, which is vastly needed among companies. So, if you want something that will add interest to your profile, then you’re getting a great deal of benefits when you pass the exam.

  • Unlocks associate-level certification

Before you jump into associate certifications, it’s highly recommended to equip yourself first with fundamental knowledge. This way you won’t have a hard time dealing with more in-depth topics and more complex issues. Clearly, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification through MCSE AZ-900 prepares you to advanced and expert-level validations. This is such an amazing feat for those who already have set their certification goals.

  • Rewards a great compensation

Did you know that getting certified is a way to increase your financial worth? Yep, and you will certainly love the monetary perks you’ll gain once you pass the exam. When you apply for a job, recruiters would take into account not just your work experience but also your list of certifications. And having a role-based certification in your profile attests your competency as a professional.

  • Gives you the opportunity to be part of the Microsoft community

As the first step into the Azure certification track, MCSE AZ-900 unravels the world of Azure professionals, who share the same goal lines as yours. Upon completion of this foundational exam, you will not just gain significant knowledge and vital skills but also become part of the Microsoft community. What an achievement to be called a Microsoft-certified professional, right?


Since Microsoft is rapidly revamping its certification program, it’s best to start with the foundational certification first. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals credential is designed for those who want to test the waters of the Azure domain. So, validate your introductory comprehension of cloud service with MCSE AZ-900!