Travel is becoming a phenomenon ever more available to everyone. Whether they are young students without jobs, adults with family charges or retirees with much time available, take a plane and go has become a no-brainer for several reasons: very low cost of transport, development of an international language, leisure and community who share the same passion, the journey.

Thanks to all these factors are now many people who can be defined as travelers and  it also grew the number of travelers «online».


Here are a few:

  • Groups Facebook

These are groups where you can exchange information, practical advice to travel, publish their photos, etc.. Often through these groups you can «learn about» a particular place even before you visit. In smaller groups you create a relationship of «familiar» with the members, so that they can organize events such as dinners or trips.

  1. Viaggiatori fai da te
  2. Io viaggio con avventure nel mondo
  3. Viaggiatori, turisti e reporter
  4. Spenderò tutti i miei soldi in viaggi
  • Personal blogs

It is one or more people who share their own adventures through articles or photographs. Often these people are seen as a real and proper «heroes», subject to be taken for instance.

  1. Viaggiatori si diventa
  2. Blog di viaggi
  3. Girotrottolando – blog di viaggi
  4. L’uomo con la valigia
  • Exclusive clubs

In some of them is very hard to get into for certain characteristics, but once you are inside it feels to be part of something reserved for the few «elected».

  1. Club International des Grands Voyageurs
  2. Totem e tabù
  3. Viva-Italia – il club dei viaggiatori
  4. Il club del viaggiatore

Through each of these communities you can share their interests and passions, find new friends, discover new places, or even «travel» without ever setting foot out of the house thanks to the many stories and numerous pictures posted every day.