You’re there through thick and thin. The okay ratings and terrible ratings don’t deter you from tuning in every week. After awhile, there’s a time when you realize that the show you love is terrible. The characters are no longer concise. The plot is as cheesy as your two-dollar slice of pizza. But since you love the show so much, you refuse to admit it. I’ve been there and suffered through what felt like endless seasons. Below is a list of five shows that aired past their prime.

1. Chuck

For all self-proclaimed nerds, Chuck was the hero that we had been waiting for. During the first four seasons, Chuck transformed from a computer nerd to a full-fledged spy. Then, like an unforeseen villain, the fifth season arrived. During the fifth season, the weapon of choice was a wonky plot filled with lost memories and frosted tips.


2. Arrested Development

The fourth season on Netflix wasn’t funny. The classic comedy should’ve stopped at season three. However on Netflix, the show is still going strong. Season five will be released in 2016.


3. Desperate Housewives

When it was first released in 2004, Desperate Housewives filled our dark desires of witnessing the debauchery in suburbia. Once the show reached its seventh season, life on Wisteria Lane was implausible. A plane crash, a mass shooting, and a five-year time jump were too much for the ABC show.


4. Pretty Little Liars

No one cares who A is anymore. Most of us are just wondering how are the Liars still alive.


5. Ugly Betty

I loved Ugly Betty. Betty was the determined career woman who hilariously balanced working at a fashion magazine, while dealing with her family, and her romantic life. Unfortunately, by its fourth season Ugly Betty was a sloppy mess of trying to tie up loose romantic ends.