When you’re looking for a good place to stay in Spain, the key is doing your research! Always look at reviews when you’re trying to find a good hostel.

If you’re traveling by yourself, its a good idea to see if the hostel offers group events to get to know your roommates and who you’re going to be living with. It’s always good to make new friends when you’re traveling by yourself. That way when you are exploring a new place, you can explore it with a new person. It makes it a great adventure!

Also a good thing to look for when searching for a hostel is location. It’s always good to live near locations that are good tourist areas. When you’re in a hostel with a good location, it’s access to all the greatest places in the country you’re visiting.

Also when you are searching on the internet for good hostels, read the reviews and pick according to the weather. If you come to Madrid during July-August, find something with air conditioning. The nights in Madrid are really hot!

Where ever you are staying, it’ll be a great adventure and don’t forget to be mindful to your roommates!