Finding a quiet place to study or just catch a quick breath can be a challenge, especially in a bustling city like Chicago. Nevertheless, the Windy City can provide everyone with a peaceful outlet to relax and focus. Whether it’s to escape unruly roommates or the stress of the job, these three places are here to help calm your nerves.

Lincoln Park: North Pond Nature Sanctuary

Lincoln Park | Megan-Amato

Lincoln Park | Megan-Amato

This first location is somewhat hidden from view but that’s what makes it the ideal place to study and loosen up. The North Pond Nature Sanctuary in Lincoln Park is a little slice of nature found in between the city and Diversey Harbor on 2610 N Cannon Dr. This secluded locale offers a sense of tranquility to anyone battling an overload of schoolwork or paperwork. A simple stroll can clear your mind and listening to the water is the perfect way to start the day. The restaurant (named North Pond) located on the water attracts a lot of people during lunch and dinner hours. If you want to steer clear of the hungry crowds, the best times to visit the North Pond Nature Sanctuary is in the morning, late afternoons, and early evenings.

Grant Park: Spirit of Music Garden

Grant Park | Pictophile

Grant Park | Pictophile

Perhaps one of the more major places to unwind after a tough class or manic Monday at the office is the Spirit of Music Garden in Grant Park. This popular spot welcomes anyone looking for the perfect place to read, sip some coffee in peace, or have a private conversation without being interrupted. This spacious piece of famous Grant Park is found on 601 S. Michigan Ave, making it the “go to” place for students and visitors alike to take it easy. With the Spirit of Music Garden being favored by students during finals week and the host of many musical events throughout the course of the year, this location can become constricted. When there isn’t an event, make sure to go in the mornings or late afternoons to avoid being swarmed by people on their lunch breaks.

Harold Washington Library Center

Harold Washington Library Center | Onasill  Bill Badzo

Harold Washington Library Center | Onasill Bill Badzo

If being outdoors isn’t a must or isn’t really your style then you can’t go wrong with the Harold Washington Library Center. Located on 400 S. Station Street, the Harold Washington Library Center is the prime spot for students from DePaul, Roosevelt, and Columbia to work on homework without being burdened by outside interferences. With nine out of its ten floors open to the public, this historic library has plenty to offer someone in need of peace and quiet. Since the library is open to the public and holds numerous events finding the perfect time to go is a bit tricky. However, the mornings and early afternoons are the best time to catch up on some reading without being distracted by tourists.

Chicago may be a frenzy of unpredictable weather patterns and temperamental traffic situations but the city has the ability to de-stress is residents and visitors. These three locations are just some of the many places in Chicago that can provide you with a sense of relief from everyday aggravations. Take advantage of the serenity this city has to offer!