Singapore is a melting pot of a city-state located in the heart of South East Asia. It houses a variety of cultures which results in diversity in the food and different culture in parts of the country. So, you don’t need to enter those expensive museums to discover the culture and history of the city and people, you could freely walk among the streets and embrace it all.

Arab Street

This colorful area in Singapore was initially owned by some Arabian traders back then, and now it houses these colorful textiles and carpet merchants whilst also home to numerous Turkish or Arabian Halal and Malaysian or Indonesian restaurants. There is also the grand Sultan Mosque.

Just few minutes walk from Arab street is a quaint one road street, or Haji Lane. Here you would find how it contrasts with the somewhat historical Arab street. Haji Lane is a piece youthfulness and modernity of the city. It is home to quaint and cool cafes and unique stores that sells knick knacks from young entrepreneurs, as well as some amazing colorful street art on the walls of the buildings.

Little India

A bit more big, crowded, and vibrant than the previous is Little India. Home of the Indian community in Singapore, which means all clothes and other goods, as well as vibrant festivals roam the area. There are also numerous hostels for budget travelers available in the area, though it could get a bit noisy accompanying the low prices.


Home of a large Chinese population as well as its culture results in a vibrant, red-filled area in Singapore, which also combines old and new shops. Here you’ll meet street vendors selling knick knacks and a long list of Chinese restaurants that should not be missed when you are in Singapore. There is also a choice of staying in the budget hostels in Chinatown, which are fairly cheap, and located in a more calm and quiet area.

Orchard Road

If one has been to Singapore, one has definitely been to this road. A long road that his home to shopping centers, luxurious shops, numerous restaurants and hotels. The center of modernity and luxury could be seen in this area.

Hawker Centers

Last but not least, Hawker Centers or Food Courts are scattered throughout Singapore. One renowned example of it is in Maxwell Road. These food courts sell a variety of food, be it Indian, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, and more. The streets that house these Hawker Centers are not to be missed as they serve legit local dishes and are not expensive at all!