Churros are enjoyed everywhere around the world, but they are especially appreciated here in Madrid. Madrileños like to eat churros dipped in warm chocolate, which are usually served as a breakfast or pastry. However, other people like to have it as a late night dessert where they can sit and relax after a long night out. Regardless of how people prefer to enjoy their chocolate con churros, the churrerías are open to serve everyone’s cravings. There are a ton of churro shops around the city, and here are our top five!

1. Chocolatería San Gines

San Gines is probably the most well-known churrería in Madrid. It has been around since 1894 and is open 24 hours a day. You can always expect fresh churros or porras, which is a larger version of the churros, as well as delicious chocolate. This place has been visited by tons of famous people from around the world. There are plenty of seats, but this place can get pretty crowded considering its popularity. If you don’t feel like waiting, there is also a San Gines takeaway right across from the churrería.

Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5, 28013 Madrid.

2. Valor

Valor is one of Spain’s popular chocolate brands and has a few locations around Madrid. While this place has warm and tasty churros con chocolate, you can also explore their menu which has a ton of chocolate variety such as milkshakes and desserts. If you’re a chocolate fanatic, I would definitely recommend this place.

Multiple locations in Madrid.

3. Los Artesanos 1902

Los Artesanos 1902 has been considered the longest family-run churrería in Spain and has been open since 1902, hence its name. This mom-and-pop business makes churros the same way that they did back when they first opened. In addition, their chocolate is rich in flavor and everything is made fresh. If you prefer a more traditional place to try churros con chocolate, this is the place to go.

Calle de San Martín, 2, 28013 Madrid.

4. Chocolat

Chocolat, located in the touristic area of the Golden Triangle of Art, serves warm and fresh churros everyday. They also have other delicious pastries on their menu, as well as a variety of teas to choose from. This place has friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. So after a day of touring the city, you might want to stop here for a break and enjoy some wonderful churros con chocolate.

Calle de Sta. Maria, 30, 28014 Madrid.

5. La Antigua Churrería

La Antigua Churrería is another place with delicious recipes that have been passed down for generations. Their artisanal churros are carefully made with traditional and fine ingredients. There are five locations around Madrid, and each place is meant to make people feel as if they were back in time, enjoying classic churros con chocolate how they were made since the beginning.

Calle Bravo Murillo 190, 28020 Madrid.