Have you ever wanted to start a blog in hopes that it would bring some time of change to your life? Maybe you have never considered blogging or maybe it’s something that you have often struggled to start doing. Blogging can be so much more than just a “journal.” Here’s 10 tips on starting a blog that can impact your future.

Tip # 1: Sign Up For a Free Blog

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Getting started with blogging is as simple as creating a new account on one of several different platforms designed for blogging. There are several free options that can be switched over to paid websites when you feel like your blog is ready. Starting out with a free site will allow you to save money while attracting attention to your new blog. You can do a simple search for free blog site or go with some of the popular options like WordPress and Blogger. Whatever option you go with, be sure to play around with the site and make sure you like the platform before sticking with it.

Tip # 2: Keep It Up to Date With Things That Reflect You

Keep it up to date | Kennedy Library

Now that you have your site set up, make sure you post regular content on it. You won’t be able to attract readers if you seldom post things. It is also important to make sure that the content you post reflects who you are. Do not post an article about how much you love the snow outside your window if you’re really miserable in the cold. Be true to who you are and your readers will be more likely to stay up to date with your posts.

Tip # 3: Share the Link to Your Blog

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This is the biggest part of drawing attention to your new blog. Most people are already connected on social media sites. Blogs make it so easy to share your articles on all your social media sites with the click of one button. You can link every site you want the article to be posted on to your blog account. This will attract readers from your friend groups right away. If they like the post, they might share it allowing you to reach another audience. Sharing on social media is powerful.

Tip # 4: Post about things that matter

Share things that matter | Sebastiaan ter Burg

While it’s important to post about things that reflect you, it is equally important to post about things that matter. You need to create content that people will want to read. If you make a post about why the sky is blue, think to yourself “does this matter?” If you can answer yes then continue writing your post.

Tip # 5: Look for advertisements or sponsors

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In order to bring in revenue, getting sponsors and advertisements is the key to see any money come in from maintaining your blog. If you pull in a good bit of traffic on your site, it won’t be hard to find paid advertisements. People pay those who writing posts that draw attention. Start by writing good content and then maybe you can bring in some money from it.

Tip # 6: Be Aware of Opportunities

Opportunities | David Stewart

It’s easy to start a blog but hard to be aware of the opportunities it can hold. You can put your blog on your LinkedIn or resume. You can tell strangers about it. You can reference it at job interviews and others things that could attract positive attention to your blog. Positive attention can go a long way in the blogging community. Who knows, you might just end up on Ellen.

Tip # 7: Don’t give up

Keep writing | Marina Noordegraaf

I’ve been saying that starting a blog is easy and it is. However, maintaining a blog is hard. Try your hardest to not get discouraged two weeks it’s just the same twenty people viewing your blog. Instead, look for ways to get excited again. Keep posting your link on social media and telling people about it. Don’t give up when the going gets hard!

Tip # 8: You Might Just Get Noticed

Someone might notice your blog | Pacific Disaster Center

Remember how I said blogging can lead to opportunities such as landing on Ellen? Well it can lead to all different types of opportunities that can get you noticed. Maybe you write an awesome post about a restaurant and they feature it on their website. Maybe you write a review of a terrible experience you had with your car dealership and they do everything in their power to mend that relationship. Your blog can get you noticed if you do it right.

Tip # 9: Landing the Perfect Job

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Imagine going into an interview and they mention a post you wrote on your blog. What if they loved it so much, they hire you to start a blog for the company? Amazing things can happen. Use your blog tastefully because anyone can view it. It might be the tool that gets you to your dream job.

Tip # 10: Finding a Target Audience

Remember your target audience | John Jones

No matter what happens, always remember your target audience. Your audience will keep you focused on the core of your blog as well as keep you true to who you are. These are the people that have stood by your blog since the start and will remain faithful as long as you do too.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free blog and jump start your future today! Remember to always stay true to who you are and who you are trying to reach. Share your blog to your friends and even strangers. Reference it at your job or on your resume. Attract positive attention and you might just be surprised on where your blog leads you.