BRUSSELS, BELGIUM. Ms. Beatrice Basaldella, who completed a two-week Journalism Internship Cycle at ROOSTERGNN in Madrid, has been recruited by the International Crisis Group (ICG), a non-profit organization in Brussels, Belgium.

ROOSTERGNN’s Letter of Recommendation for Ms. Basaldella was a key factor in getting hired by the ICG. Looking back on her time at ROOSTERGNN, Ms. Basaldella writes that, what she liked most about the Internship was, “The possibility to write about topics I was interested in, exchange ideas and meet other interns. I also enjoyed learning how to publish the articles.”

Ms. Basaldella’s profile on RGNN can be viewed here.

ROOSTERGNN congratulates Ms. Basaldella and wishes her all the best for her future in the world of journalism.

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