I can compare all countries with window. Sure, you ask “why”? I answer you.

In our world is hundreds windows which countries. Under each of them there is a separate world, where there are rules and opportunities.Each window has its own commander, called the “head of family”, he decides which channel the TV is turned on, where the family will hold a weekend,which need to buy a car and what name will in a child. In the window often stare neighbors or simply bystanders. Sometimes on one side of window a rain but on the other – dry and warm. Sometimes from one window we can hearing noisy quarrel, and from other (neighbor) hear the children’s laughter. It happens that someone might break a window in the family then the problems begin. We themselves decide what happens in our windows and we have no right climb into someone else’s window. We need to take care of his little window in our country, but we climb into someone else’s.Unfortunately many people are tired of their windows .And if you were too long for the small window you want to see a large window, and perhaps even the largest window in the world. Remember, your window is only yours, for him to return, look after him, love him, and then it will be the best window on all the world.