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At ROOSTERGNN Academy, a non-profit organization that supports journalism education worldwide, we are accomplices when it comes to talent. For this reason, we are announcing the “I Journalism Evolution Awards.”

We’re proud to announce the winners of our I Journalism Evolution Awards 2016 at ROOSTERGNN Global News Network & ROOSTERGNN Academy.

These Awards are only open to students who have successfully completed a Journalism Internship Seminar at ROOSTERGNN Academy in Madrid, Spain, in July of 2016.

  1. First place: Ana Londoño (@londi_ana) from @emersoncollege 500 Euros.
  2. Second place: Alessia Bisini (@alebisini) from @unicatt 400 Euros.
  3. Third place: Verónica Apache. (@veronicaraccoon) from @franklinswitzerland 300 Euros.

The awards are an attest to your journalistic talent, and we look forward to reading more of your work!

Meet the winners!

First Place: Ana Londoño, Emerson College

Second Place: Alessia Bisini, Catholic University of Milan

Third Place: Veronica Apache, Franklin University Switzerland