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An experienced luxury travel writer/blogger, photographer, and social media influencer, Dr. Cacinda Maloney shares her love of travel thru her writings about adventure, cultural, and smart luxury travel experiences. She stepped out of her comfort zone years ago by traveling every six weeks of her life for over 25 years. Now she travels even more than that having traveled to 47 countries in 2016 and 20 countries in 2017. She loves transformational travel that is rich in cultural experiences. Now, she shares some of her experiences with us.

You went from practicing physician, -travelling every 6 weeks,- to full-time traveler for six years now. What were the biggest challenges you faced when switching your career as physician to becoming a digital storyteller?

Dr. Cacinda Maloney in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Dr. Cacinda Maloney

In the beginning I just wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I would sit down and recall so many vivid memories of my travels, with my thousands of photographs that would help me articulate the feelings I wanted to convey about each trip. I had no idea I was becoming a digital storyteller, I only wanted to get the stories out of my mind and on to paper.  Later when I realized I had created a career out of it was when the real challenges began. Learning how to pitch companies, making long lasting relationships in the travel community, learning the technical side of blogging… those were the learning curves.


Santa Fe, New Mexico USA | Dr. Cacinda Maloney

How do you manage your new career as full-time travel blogger? At the beginning, did you have any support from more experienced colleagues?

I went cold turkey, from one day being a Chiropractor to another day being a travel blogger. It was quite a stark change. Early on, I knew I needed help, so I enrolled in a course to learn how to blog.

What is the business as travel blogger for luxury brands like? Could you describe an ordinary day of yours?

Ha! There is no ordinary day, which is something I like about Travel blogging. One day I may be writing an article for Travelocity, then flipping articles into FlipBoard, then doing social media. The next day, I could be on the slopes of Jackson Hole Wyoming, having a spa day at the Golden Door, or sailing through Losinj, Croatia.  You just never know what is around the corner.


Paris, France | Dr. Cacinda Maloeny

As someone who is travelling a lot, what are your tips for a life lived mostly on the road, and what are the challenges as well as the advantages?

I am on the road about 2-3 weeks out of a month. I always have my bags packed and am ready for another adventure.  But when I am home, I take full advantage of my time and treat my work like a job, so I get up early in the morning and put in a 6-8 hour work day, many days even more than that.  There is no time for slacking when trying to be successful as a luxury travel writer.

What have been the 6 highlights of your life as digital storyteller so far?

Rottweil, Germany | Dr. Cacinda Maloney

Two sailings in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, two visit to Petra, Jordan with an evening celebration by a real Bedouin and a vintage train ride re-enactment of the invasion of Lawrence of Arabia, a visit to the old city of Jerusalem, Israel. Carnival in Rottweil, Germany, a sailing thru Croatia, luxury living at Montestigliano in Tuscany, Italy. Only 6? There are so many more.

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