The Borgen Project was started in 2003 to address global poverty throughout the world. To do this, the Borgen Project focuses on lobbying congressional leaders throughout the United States to support laws that impact foreign aid.

Volunteers for the nonprofit are directly involved in shaping U.S. foreign policies by gathering support both from the public and building congressional relationships to help improve people’s lives around the world. Volunteer opportunities include work as telecommute volunteers. The Borgen Project offers many volunteer opportunities including Regional Director, Advocate, Writer, and Guest Contributor.

Volunteer Positions

Regional Director

  • Be responsible for meeting with congressional leaders and lobby for legislation that improves the lives of many people
  • Mobilize people in your community to contact congressional leaders
  • Manage and implement fundraising campaigns


  • Serve as an ambassador of the Borgen Project
  • Manage and implement fundraising campaigns
  • Attend events and engage people with the cause
  • Contact congressional leaders


  • Write 1 article per week for the Borgen Project Blog and Magazine
  • Assist with advocacy and fundraising


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