It is always important to know the country you want to visit before starting the journey. This helps you pack your suitcase right and enjoy your stay at the same time.

To help you erase any doubts about your decision, Uganda was ranked fourth in Africa’s “2019 Cool Travel Destinations” by National Geographic, and it was ranked number 16 in the world.

Uganda is a tropical country. December to April and June to August are characterized with hot and warm weather, making it the ideal season to visit. Temperatures during the day are generally warm to hot: 23°C to 29°C. But it gets cool or cold during the night. The temperature often drops between 9°C and 18°C.

Here is a list of clothing to work with while packing for a Ugandan vacation.

What you need to pack for your day look

Are you planning to stay in Kampala, Gulu, Masindi, Entebbe, and Jinja, or Kabale, Fortportal, and Mbarara during the December-April or June-August season? If you are, you ought to pack some earthy hues, florals, sheer, and breathable fabrics for the day because you will be in for lots of warm and hot weather.

Earth-toned dress | Pinterest

For bottoms, pack loosely-fitting skirts, dresses, trousers, rompers, and shorts. Carry accessories like hats, caps, sunglasses, and headscarves. Carry sunscreen and hydrating lip balm and glosses.

Loose-fitting romper | Amazon

For shoes, bring dark-colored sandals or sneakers that can hide the dirt or dust. Most Ugandan roads are dusty.

What you need to pack for your night look

In Kampala, Gulu, Jinja, and Entebbe, temperatures are usually cool. In Kabale, Masindi, and Fortportal, it gets cold at night.

While indoors, you may not need extra warm clothing, but when you step out at night, you will – especially if you are planning to attend an outdoor night event. Make sure you pack a jacket, sweater, or a neck scarf.

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For tops, carry long-sleveed blouses, sweater tops, turtle necks, and cotton, or linen blouses. For bottoms, carry a pair of jeans, legging, and jeggings.

For shoes, wear pumps or sneakers. This could be the ideal moment to bring out all your pastel shades.

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The look you need to shop in Uganda

Woman wearing a Gomesi | Nebath Photography

Uganda has two popular cultural looks: Kanzu, and Gomesi. Ugandan men wear a Kanzu, and ladies wear a Gomesi. Occasionally. these looks are donned at cultural gatherings like giveaways, wedding ceremonies, Buganda Royal parties, church, and more. I recommend that alongside the list of the must-visit sceneries you have planned, you should include a moment to experience Uganda’s rich culture. Attend a cultural event, and experiment with Uganda’s cultural attire!

Denis Kuluuya in a Kanzu | E Online