Simple, chic, and sophisticated are three words which perfectly describe Meghan Markle’s sense of style. Meghan has proven time and time again that you do not need exaggerated, loud, or even dramatic piece to make a bold statement. When it comes to fashion, Archie’s mom has got it goin’ on.

1. Simple colors, bold statements

Simple does not necessarily mean plain. Meghan has learned to create a balance when it comes to simple statement pieces to elevate a look from casual to classy. Meghan is notorious for taking simple, neutral colors with figure-flattering dresses to create an ensemble nothing less than elegant.

Chic and simple | Chris Jackson (Getty)

2. The classic pointed-toe heel

A good shoe can transform an outfit. Meghan loves her neutral colors even when it comes to shoes. Her go-to shoe – whether the occasion is formal or more on the casual side – is the classic point-toe heel. You’ll rarely see her stray away from it.

Meghan’s Shoes | Photographer Unknown

Suede heels | Photographer Unknown

3. The casual blazer

Most may presume that a blazer is more suited for business attire rather than paired with a simple dress for a chic, empowered look. I admire how Meghan can rock a blazer with not only a good pair of slacks, but also a simple dress.

WEDay Uk | Yui Mok

Black blazer | Photographer Unknown

4. Tiny earrings

Meghan’s style is fluent in simplicity. Her idea of a great look is that less is more when it comes to style. A lot of the jewels Meghan wears tend to be on the small/delicate side; these intricate pieces with subtle designs help pull the outfit together instead of creating a distraction by being too bold.

Tiny earrings | Photographer Unknown

Meghan’s earrings | Canadian High Commission UK

5. Big coats with big buttons

Normally when we see Meghan in a coat, it’s a trench coat. Any coats that tend to be a little bit oversize or a pretty decent length, we find it on Meghan. Trench coats can be very figure flattering no matter the body type; we can see Meghan consistently wearing trench coats throughout her pregnancy

Trench Trio | Instagram @_duchess_of_sussex

6. Simple hairstyles

Meghan’s hairstyle looks so effortless and simple it seems like you do not need to be a certified hairstylist to copy one of her hairdos. Ponytails, bun, and simply letting it all down are common ways Meghan wears her hair.

Hair down | Photographer Unknown

7. Face-framing shades

Shades are the perfect way to add a little bit of edge to any look. Throwing on a pair of shades – whether they be cat-eyed, aviators, or square-shaped to best compliment your face shape – is a classic accessory that never goes out of style. Meghan proves that shades can complete any look.

Meghan’s shades | Photographer Unknown

8. Simple-shaped dresses

When it comes to dresses, Meghan’s style tends to remain constant towards simple a-lined dresses in neutral colors. A simple dress allows room for more accessories without overly decorating the outfit, but helps to enhance the overall look in a sophisticated way.

Meghan’s LBD | Getty

Long black dress | British Fashion Council Awards

9. Natural makeup

When you think of makeup, you probably imagine a full-face look with bright eyeshadow and a bold lip. Meghan’s makeup makes a statement – natural beauty is meant to be enhanced through makeup, not concealed.

Natural makeup | Getty

10. A simple scarf

Meghan loves a piece that will make a statement and stand out in her outfits – whether it’s her coat, shirt, or in this case, her scarf. Meghan’s style brings scarves back into popular style in any season.

Meghan’s scarf | Getty

Meghan Markle’s style represents the simplicity of beauty. She proves through her outfits that less is definitely more and you can look amazing with simple pieces. Meghan makes fashion suitable for those who aim to look chic and elegant without spending thousands of dollars. Meghan’s sense style reflects her personality of simple, subtle elegance.