Trends: love them or hate them. There will always be that point in life where they ought to go! Here is a list of trends that need to hit the delete button in 2019.

1. Men’s skirts

A men’s skirt | Vogue

Designers like Marc Jacobs, H&M, and more have done the good job of selling to us the ideal, “today” man who wears skirts, and I appreciate that for sure. Men’s clothing needed to move on to something! The only downside here is that I am not certain the designers chose it right with men’s skirts. Yes, we can agree that men have donned skirts centuries back. On the contrary, the majority today do not seem interested in going back to that era. There have been more than five years of men’s skirt marketing with little progress. Men’s skirts are failing to breakout of the runway to mainstream fashion. Designers need to stop trying and move on.

Another men’s skirt | Vogue Magazine

2. Sheer dresses

Jennifer Lopez in a sheer dress in 2000 | Gattey Photos

Sheer dresses are over a decade old! It was 2000 when the sheer dress caught our attention, all thanks to Jennifer Lopez. She broke the internet when she turned up for the Grammys wearing a sexy-sheer Versace green dress that left everyone asking for more! Years later, today’s celebrities have carried on the trend. Lately though, there is more twist to it. Flaunting bold skin – close to nude – is the thing. This feels new, but I say it is still part of the sheer dress trend. There is nothing more to see. It is time to move on!

Kendall Jenner in a sheer dress, present-day | Gattey Photos

3. Off shoulders

The off-shoulder trend |

Flaunting shoulders seems cool for photo shoots and runways! If you have to wear off shoulders on a busy day, you will only have yourself to blame. They are such hard work. You have to keep them in place almost per minute. After trying so hard for hours – trust me – you will be tempted to just give in. Which brings us to that question. Are they really worth the hard work? Shouldn’t we just throw them out in 2019? Our new 2019 finds need space!

4. Fringes

A fringe bag | Vogue Magazine

I love fabric movement, and fringes do this well. The downside, though, with fringes lately, is the monotony. Everything has turned fringy – from the hair, bags, shoes, dresses, jackets, earring, and more! It is just not cool anymore. We need to breathe, and fringes cannot seem to allows us to do just that. They are so everywhere! In our faces, in the office, the street, and more. They are suffocating us. This needs to stop. Fringes need to go.

Fringe dress | Vogue Magazine

5. Waist bags

Waist bags seem cool to wear around the waist – at least that is what designers have sold to us! They seem functional in a sense, but they are a misfit in regards to fashion ensembles. Unless you are having a sports moment out in the park, wearing a waist bag just looks off.

A waist bag | Fashion Genuine