MADRID, SPAIN. It’s terraza-time again in Madrid. With the onset of summer, numerous establishments are opening up their rooftops to diners, loungers and more. The Thyssen Museum is one of them. Its rooftop restaurant, the Mirador del Thyssen, is one of the most coveted terrazas in the Spanish capital. Just last week, it appeared on television, with the chef stating that tables have been booked out for the entire month. But MADbudget got a close look before the crowds came flocking in.

Museum visitors will know that there’s a café on the ground floor, but little does this compare to the restaurant on the fifth floor. To get to the Mirador del Thyssen, you enter the museum as you normally would, and once inside, turn right as if heading to the temporary exhibition space. Here, a security guard will direct you to the elevator.

The long-awaited view, – “mirador” in Spanish means vantage point, – comes after a few turns. Tip: when you reserve a table, make sure to ask for a table at the “barandilla,” meaning railing. From here, you can lean over and see the museum patio, as well as the Paseo del Prado.

You’ll be greeted with an appetizer, which during our visit happened to be a triptych of salmorejo, yuca chips and hummus – delicious and healthy. There’s more appetizers to share, such as the brandada de bacalao, cebolla y ajos confitados al crujiente pimentón (cod brandade, onion and crystallized garlic with crispy paprika; 20.00 Euros)

For main dishes, you can continue with meat or fish. BBQ lovers can go straight for the hamburguesa de pato con peras caramelizadas a la pimienta de Sechua (duck hamburger with caramelized pears in Sechuan pepper; 24.00 Euros). Fish fanatics will find the suquet de rape al aceite de naranja (monkfish suquet in orange oil; 29.00 Euros) rewarding; in contrast to what the description says, the oil tastes more like a tomato sauce than orange oil.

Even if you don’t order a dessert, you’ll receive truffles on the house.

All in all, prices correspond to the location. It’s an ideal way to end the day at the museum. The waiters take a while to bring out the dishes, so come with ample time – and a reservation, of course.


Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

Paseo del Prado 8

28014 Madrid

Tel. +34 91 429 39 84

Metro: Banco de España

Tues-Sat: 8.30 p.m.-2 a.m.

Menu: click here.