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What are ROOSTERGNN’s goals for the future? How many visitors does ROOSTERGNN receive? What license does ROOSTERGNN retain over published works?

Since launching ROOSTERGNN, we have received a barrage of questions from all sides, current and potential contributors, editors, professors, as well as journalism and media experts.

In the quest to provide answers, we created the usual Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Yet given that the questions haven’t ebbed, we are now creating “All about ROOSTERGNN,” a section specifically dedicated to all that’s new at ROOSTERGNN.

Stay tuned for the latest announcements about the first global, bilingual and independent news agency, and feel free to join the discussion, either in the comments below, via our social media channels or per email staff@roostergnn.org.

ROOSTERGNN is a collaborative platform, and we are always open to suggestions – in both English and Spanish, of course.

¡Hasta pronto!

Note. Corporate information and press releases are accurate on the day they are published. ROOSTERGNN keeps them online because they are part of our ever-evolving history.