[translations idioma=”ES” url=”https://archives.rgnn.org/2013/09/19/roostergnn-ya-esta-en-google-news”]
Google News has selected ROOSTERGNN as a source for Spanish-language news. The search engine now crawls published content for its subsequent incorporation in Google News here.

The demand for news in Spanish is growing bigger by the minute as Central and Latin America remain hubs for investment. From an economic standpoint, communicating in Spanish is increasingly important. “Are you looking to do business in Latin America?” asks a recent article published in El Confidencial. The answer the very article proposes: “Create a Spanish-speaking TV channel.”

ROOSTERGNN is more than aware of the value of Cervantes’ language, both at a national and international level. The digital agency offers a variety of news in Spanish, and thus far, political and socioeconomic circumstances in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Guatemala have all been featured in opinion articles. In fact, ROOSTERGNN has recently launched a series specifically dedicated to the economic situation in Peru.

Interested contributors can submit their articles, either in Spanish or English, via https://archives.rgnn.org/register/. We are also recruiting translators to translate selected articles both from Spanish to English and viceversa. Interested translators can contact staff@roostergnn.org, indicating “Translation” in the subject line.

Note. Corporate information and press releases are accurate on the day they are published. ROOSTERGNN keeps them online because they are part of our ever-evolving history.