The ROOSTERGNN Artist Residency in Madrid, Spain, is a selective Artist-in-Residence program that welcomes applications from artists worldwide. We are proud to introduce you to photographer Vaydehi Khandelwal, who successfully completed an Artist Residency with us in June 2018. Read on to find out more about Vaydehi and the project she worked on at our Residency.

Vaydehi Khandelwal, who goes by the artistic name of “Camerawaali”, is a visual artist who chose photography as a medium of expression. She first held a camera at the age of thirteen, and from then on, knew photography would become her life. She started training under a photographer at a very young age and by the time she was seventeen, she knew that photography was her calling. And since then, there has been no going back. Her images are an extension of her, like her camera.

Vaydehi completed her Masters in Photography and Digital Imaging in Mumbai and a Specialization in Documentary Art Photography in Madrid, Spain.She has been a part of various Artist-in-Residence programs in Italy and India and has been associated with cinematography and commercial work in Mumbai.

Some of her online shows and published work include: the Leica Blog (2015); IED, Madrid (2015); Abre el Ojo, Madrid (2015); Art Studio Cafe, Rome (2013/2015); Wall Art Magazine, Delhi (2015); India SE, Singapore (2015); Seascope, Tokyo (2016); Coldnoon, Delhi (2016); National Geographic Mission Cover Shot (2016); Anuvad Arts Festival, Assam (2017); Workshop on “Building your own language through photography”, Nepal (2017).

She has recently been a part of the Landskrona Foto Festival in Sweden (September 2017) as one of the 30 artists chosen for the portfolio review and the only Indian.

During her Artist Residency in Madrid, Spain, Vaydehi gave a talk at the IED Madrid and moreover, was selected to participate in PHotoEspaña in collaboration with Iberia Airlines.

During her Artist Residency in Madrid, Spain, Vaydehi was selected to participate in PHotoEspaña in collaboration with Iberia Airlines. | Image via @camerawaali

Please tell us a little bit more about yourself. What interests you as an artist and specifically, as a photographer?

As an artist, I have always been curious about people, places and things around me. The experiences we have each day, the people we meet, the conversations we have, the way we respond and react to things… in short, every little experience that we come across has been a learning experience for me since I started my career as a photographer. I started with shooting objects to shooting people and now a mix of both. For me, life can be summed up in three words: Traveling. Photography. Music.

Vaydehi Khandelwal at the RGNN photo and video studio during her Artist Residency in June 2018

What motivated you to apply to ROOSTERGNN Artist Residency in Madrid, Spain?

My love for the city! It was just one of those days when I was browsing the internet when I came across the open call by ROOSTERGNN, that little voice inside me said, APPLY and I guess it was meant to be! The whole thing just felt very positive and right, and here I am.

During her Artist Residency, Vaydehi gave a talk at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Madrid, Spain | Image via @camerawaali

Could you tell us about the project you have been working on at our Residency?

Three years ago I created a body of work called “I Am Very Tired,” which was about spaces, elements and objects that depict tiredness in some way or the other around the city at night. This time, I decided to look for the energy and liveliness during the day as I walked around the similar areas of the city as my previous project. My project is called “I Am Alive” and is a series of 15-20 images.

“I Am Alive” by Vaydehi Khandelwal

What did you like most about the ROOSTERGNN Artist Residency in Madrid?

Apart from being warm and welcoming, I loved the excitement the team had from day one. From making sure I was comfortable, to sending me information about the photography exhibitions around town, to promptly replying to my emails and most importantly, taking interest in my work and my project and giving me their time each time we met. They were very encouraging and that’s what an Artist-in-Residence needs, especially when it’s a self-directed project one is working on.

What did you like most about being in Madrid, Spain?

I love the city and feel connected to it in all possible ways. The fact that this is my third visit in the past three years says it all. I love the energy and the vibe and that’s exactly what has attracted me to come back each time.

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