Mastering the ways to increase your Instagram followers is what we all want to know. This can be difficult and frustrating at first when you haven’t discovered the right tips and tricks. Here are just a few ideas known to be successful to get you one step closer to growing your profile.

Go crazy with the hashtags

Under each post, have hashtags featured at the bottom of your caption. Go absolutely crazy with your hashtags and think of as many as possible that are relevant to your photo. By doing this, it helps feature your photo under that used hashtag when someone else is browsing for similar posts. This helps your profile gain popularity and likes as well as attracting new followers.
Fashion blogger using relevant hashtags | TheHouseofSequins at IG

Make your IG visible to the public

This is optional. If you don’t feel comfortable having your profile under public view then skip this tip. Being on public view allows your profile to gain more attraction because a wide range of users can see your posts, not just your followers. Also, any hashtags and tags you use can be reached and seen by everyone, which is not possible if you have a private account. Under public view, anyone who encounters your profile can see your posts and might find them interesting enough to hit the “follow” button. Boom, and you have found yourself a new social media fan.

What’s your location? Any tags?

Just like hashtags, tagging the location and anything else relating to your post is helpful. For example, if you post a picture taken from Wynwood Walls, one of Miami’s popular tourist attractions, you should tag Wynwood Wall’s Instagram profile and under location add “Miami, Florida.” By adding both the location and tagging their profile, your post has a higher chance of being noticed. The other profile you have tagged on your post, whether that be a business, organization, company or tourist attraction, will be notified and just might give your photo some love with a comment or like or maybe both!

Filter it up, baby

A lot of IG posts nowadays are either edited with stunning presets or filters created on the spot. First, do your research and find the best photo editing apps. If you don’t want to purchase presets from other people, then put your creative hat on and play around with the edits and filters from a photo editing app until you are satisfied with the result. If you are open to purchasing presets online from other people, then make sure you’re getting a bang for your buck. With the filters, you can either have a theme for your profile where you use the same or similar-looking filter for each post, or you can just change up the colors for each post to turn your photos from ordinary to extraordinary.
Skilled photographer photoshoot | BrandonWoelfel at IG
Skilled photographer photoshoot | BrandonWoelfel at IG

Like and comment on other posts

Send some love to others by liking and commenting on their posts. We all do it for our friends because we know them in real life, but showing the same support to business profiles controlled by an organization or company sometimes has its rewards. We’ve all seen people who get lucky with hundreds of likes and followers all because of their one comment that received a lot of attention under another profile’s post.

Having your Instagram profile stand out is fun, trendy and creative. You come up with your own ways of gaining followers and likes. Although it can be a hassle and frustrating at times just trying to accomplish this, it is nonetheless possible and can even be easy to do when you follow the tips discussed here!