‘Tis the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice because fall is arriving closer than ever! So, let us all rejoin. Yes, this is a call to everyone out there who have been longing this time of colorful leaves, apple picking, pumpkin patch picking and of course we can’t forget the stylish fall clothes to shop for and wear. Those are just a few of the many things to look forward to this fall, and with that I leave you with a list of activities to do for this sweater weather season so you can get the most out of this fall as possible.

1. Pumpkin patch picking

Let’s just get this out of the way. Although store bought pumpkins are easily accessible, that is not the traditional way. Go to your nearest pumpkin farm, bring a friend with you or two and enjoy the true fall experience of walking around and finding the plump and orange pumpkin that speaks to you. This is also a perfect moment to fin ornamentals and other fall decorative pieces for your home.

Fall hiking view | Christopher Jolly via Unsplash

2. Hike for the view

As much as some of us want to avoid cardio, we must do it for the aesthetic view of the colorful leaves. Fall means the red, green, and orange leaves are out and for some reason it makes us all excited. Enjoy a hike somewhere near you to truly absorb the beauty fall gives us because we know in fact that the leaves make the walk 10x more beautiful.

3. Netflix and…CHILLS

When fall is approaching that also means Halloween is just as close. So, why not be ahead of the game and watch some spooky, scary movies to give you some chills? Round up your friends and watch them together as it’s always more enjoyable when you’re not alone. Unless, you enjoy watching horror films alone—not like that’s weird at all. If you’re not a fan of horror films, then don’t worry because the Harry Potter movies should just about do it too. There’s just something “fall” about Harry Potter that we all
obsess over.

4. Last-minute camping

Just when you think camping season is over, it is not. Fall is the last chance you have do it your last-minute camping before the weather gets chillier. The experience will be even more fun with all the trees surrounding you with their beautiful color of leaves. The ever-changing colors of the nature around you will make this crisp fall just one of your favorites.

Corn maze | Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash

5. Get lost in a corn maze

Gather up friends or even a hot date and get lost! In a corn maze. I promise Jeepers Creepers or the guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre is NOT after you when you’re in the maze, relax. Take a deep breath and just have some fun figuring your way out. Make sure to wear rain boots or any footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty in since mazes like these do get muddy.

6. Get your spook on at a haunted house or maze

What better way to prepare yourself for Halloween than attending a haunted house or maze? Get spooked, get scared, and get screaming because only then will you know you are truly enjoying your fall as much as possible. It’s all fun and games so just remind yourself none of this is real if you tend to get spooked easily, it will help set your mind at ease along the way. Just don’t go alone!

Fall is a fun season that should be enjoyed to its fullest by all of us. Pick either the laid back and chill activities to do or choose the route where you really want to get spooked in preparation for Halloween.

Edited by Julissa Ramirez.