The ROOSTERGNN Artist Residency in Havana and Trinidad, Cuba, is a selective Artist-in-Residence program that welcomes applications from artists worldwide. We are proud to introduce you to photographer Kristina Garcia, who successfully completed an Artist Residency with us in July 2018. Read on to find out more about Kristina and the project she worked on at our Residency.

Kristina is a 28 year old Cuban/Colombian/Mexican woman based in Phoenix, Arizona who recently graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelors in Photography. Kristina was born and raised in San Francisco, California which paved the way for the rest of her future as an open minded individual with a strong passion to fight for inequality.

The colorful houses in Cuba and their residents are a popular subject for photographers

Her mother is a Colombian/Cuban woman who migrated from Colombia to the states at a young age. Her mother studied women’s studies in college where she met her husband (Kristina’s father) Ramiro. Ramiro is now a critical care physician who went to medical school at UCSF.

El Malecón in Havana | Kristina Garcia

Kristina has always been involved in volunteering programs and involved in the community attending rallies and protests in whatever city she is living in to show her support for people in need. While she marches she always has a camera in her hand documenting her experiences and ultimately sharing with the world.

Streets in Trinidad | Kristina Garcia

Kristina has had multiple solo exhibitions and a few shared exhibitions in downtown Phoenix where she is always shown lots of support from her friends, peers and community.

Kristina capturing a typical street scene in Trinidad, Cuba

She sees her residency in Cuba as a “one in a million” opportunity. Kristina used her time in Havana and Trinidad to build her portfolio and grow as a photographer capturing those unique experiences only Cuba can offer.

Boy with dog in Havana | Kristina Garcia

To see more of her art, visit her profile on Instagram here.

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