MADRID, SPAIN. Located a couple blocks away from the Atocha train station, this new sports and betting bar is defined by its high tech machines and boasts TVs on the surrounding walls providing you with HD content from soccer (fútbol), basketball, and American football to greyhound racing. Unfortunately you are not able to watch the TVs facing the bar, so you will have to turn your seat around. The brightness of the bar will surprise you, but it’s quite necessary considering the variety of activities provided that require a strong source of light.

Ases Jotas offers a wide selection of betting opportunities. Their electronic poker table allows you to play at a minimum of 10 Euro while playing with other real players. The machine also provides you the option of playing with the computer generated players. Their betting machines allow you to bet on any major professional sport, be it baseball, hockey, etc. Ases Jotas also has an electronic roulette table that is able to host 5 people at a time.

It is very typical in Spain for a bar to provide you a complimentary tapa to accompany your drink order, usually with a beer. At Ases Jotas the tapas are quite delicious, and of course include the usual olives, chips, and fried pork skin. But if you order more than one drink, or if you’re lucky, you’ll get a small charcuterie plate consisting of salchichón, chorizo, manchego cheese and pretzel-like sticks, and mini sandwiches made of toasted baguette bread with cheese, ham, and or calamari. Other tapas might be mini pizza slices or Spanish empanadas.

I enjoyed the variety of beers available; Mahou was the only beer on tap, other beers include Spanish beers like Alhambra, Argentinian beer Quilmes, Indian beer Cobra, and the Belgian beer Leffe. The gin and tonic is one of the best I’ve had in Madrid so far, they put in a type of violet that provides a floral flavor and a different taste than I’m used to.

Prices at the bar are about average for Madrid, and discounts are available if you order more than more than one drink.

If you are looking for a place to watch a good soccer match then Ases Jotas is definitely the place to go.

Ases Jotas

Ronda de Atocha 12

28012 Madrid

Tel.  +34 610 519 924