THE AZORES, PORTUGAL. You might have heard of the “Green Island,” the largest island in the Azores. This autonomous archipelago of Portugal can be breathtaking and absolutely relaxing. A nature destination par excellence, Azores is a place for many discoveries and a suggested place for summer vacations for everyone and for all ages.

Azores is composed of 9 small islands: São Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira, Faial, Pico, Graciosa, São Jorge, Flores, and Corvo. It has been considered one of the best nature destinations in the world and a place with plenty of excitement according to the Daily Mail. Recently, Azores was listed on the top 10 ‘must see views‘ from the New Zealand website The nine volcanic islands present some incredible landscapes, with plenty of green, fresh air, and an infinite ocean.

Volcano at Pico Island

An old volcano at Pico island | F Mira

If you like adventure, colorful trees, lakes, and towering waterfalls, then Azores definitely must be on your bucket list. You’ll find a range of accommodation options and be able to taste – and even cook- traditional Portuguese food. Canoeing, fishing, surfing, or yachting make Azores a must-see destination. You won’t want to miss all the fun activities, like the chance to see whales or swim with dolphins.

Whale in Azores

One of the many whales that can be found in Azores | Christine Veeschkens

Considered by many to be a paradise, the nine islands have different cuisine and even dialects, all of which are a little difficult to understand at first. When choosing your destination, set a goal. Do you want volcanoes? Then go to São Miguel where you can find the five top volcanoes in the world. Or perhaps you’re feeling the urge to hike? Pico island will offer some of the most unique trails in the world. You won’t be needing a gym any time soon!

But that’s not all about Azores. At Terceira you will find Angra do Heroísmo, a UNESCO World Heritage Town. Traditions, traditions, traditions; that’s what you’re going to find, with several festivities about wine, bullfighting, parades, and cuisine fairs. Independent of where you’re going, all the islands of the Azores will offer serenity, great activities, and breathtaking landscapes that will make you wonder how you hadn’t discovered this magical place before!

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