Summer is the season of festivals. Music, good vibes, freedom and last but not least, fashion. Starting from late April,  there are four following months of colorful bohemian madness around the world. In order to get the best of the festival experience, you need to know how to create the best bohemian outfit that will help you blend into the environment and will, hopefully, turn heads. Fashion may have no limits, but it sometimes limits people due to cost issues.There is a solution! Here are some suggestions for how one can create a million dollar outfit when having and when not having that million.

Starting from the bottom, there is one distinctive element that every bohemian outfit needs: lace up sandals. If you are on a budget, you can try those 18,31 euros sandals  from ASOS , but if you are willing to do some spending, you should not miss those Stuart Weitzman roman sandals for 435 euros.

ASOS FAIRY Tie Leg Leather Sandals I      Stuart Weitzman Roman Flat Sandals l

ASOS FAIRY Tie Leg Leather Sandals |        Stuart Weitzman Roman Flat Sandals |

Being bohemian is about freedom and leisure, so flowy midi or maxi dresses are always a great idea. When going to a festival, everyone wants to feel comfortable and wear a safe outfit, so shorts might be a better choice this time. What about those suede fringy bottoms from New Look? They are only 8,45 euro. Or those high waisted denim shorts from Valentino? If you like them, you should know they cost 980 euros. Don’t forget, denim, fringes and floral patterns are key ingredients of any boho  recipe.

New Look Suedette Fringed Shorts l Shorts in Embroidered Denim l

New Look Suedette Fringed Shorts |                                Shorts in Embroidered Denim |

A knitted top or just a cropped cotton one are great choices for a festival outfit. Summer is hot so you should embrace that and adapt your fashion to it. A crop top from Amazon for only 3,98 euro sounds really good, and so does this white loose sleeve T-shirt from Free People Peak Island for 95,77 euro.

Crop top | Loose sleeve T-shirt |

Crop top |                                                                Loose sleeve T-shirt |

Summer is hot, but this doesn’t mean one can’t be chic by using a chiffon kimono from DIDO, costing 0,01 euro, or a colorful 105,86 euro handmade crochet vest from Etsy to keep it fashionable. Knitted vests are a must when talking about hippie looks. Vintage and thrift shop pieces are very welcomed to the bohemian party.

Chifon Cardigan | Handmade Crochet Vest |

DIDO Chiffon Kimono |                                                      Handmade Crochet Vest |

No one has ever seen a boho look without metallic gypsy inspired bracelets or a statement necklace. For the low spenders, some accessory suggestions are an 8 euros faux suede wrap choker from FOREVER 21 and a 7 euros wrap bracelet set from the same brand. The second outfit could use some glam given by those Lili Claspe silver bracelets costing approx. 113 euros and a choker from Erin Dana for approx. 41 euro. Boho girls’ tastes can also be expensive!

FOREVER 21 faux suede wrap choker | FOREVER 21 wrap bracelet set | Erin Dana choker | Lili Claspe silver bracelets |

FOREVER 21 faux suede wrap choker |   FOREVER 21 wrap bracelet set |
Erin Dana choker |    Lili Claspe silver bracelets |


Don’t forget to bring a bag with you when you go boho. What about this cross body bag from ASOS for only 11,25 euro ? This look has now plenty of suede accents. For the second look, you can rock the summer with a Guanabana bucket bag for 267.42 euros. Bohemia is always about color.

Cross Body Bag from ASOS |  Guanabana Bucket Bag |

Cross Body Bag from ASOS |                                              Guanabana Bucket Bag |

The final touch of a boho inspired outfit is definitely the choice of the head accessories and hairstyles. Being it a cowboy hat, a turban or even a flower crown, the head embellishment should be a part of the outfit for sure. Braided or wavy hairstyles are the best for any festival look. Those two outfits can be spiced up by adding a 10 euro fedora hat from TOPSHOP to the first one and an approx. 90 euros bourbon rose crown from Cult Gaia to the no-budget-limit outfit.

Fedora Hat l    Flower Crown l

Fedora Hat |                                                          Flower Crown |

Summing up, the budget bohemian outfit costs 62,70 euros, while the high brand one is 2128.05 euros. Even if the price difference is a massive one, both outfits look great. All the presented items can be purchased online, so this fashion is not far for anyone. When is the next festival starting?

If you still need some inspiration,  check out the following boho celebrity outfits. Just so you know, they are wearing items from all the brands mentioned before.

Kendall Jenner at Coachella 2016, source: GETTY

Kendall Jenner at Coachella 2016, source: GETTY

Tylor Hill at Coachella 2016, source: GETTY

Tylor Hill at Coachella 2016, source: GETTY

Alessandra Ambrosio at Coachella 2016,sorce:GETTY

Alessandra Ambrosio at Coachella 2016,source:GETTY