Fashion is undoubtedly one of the most shrouded industries worldwide. It’s very hard to even take an honest glance into the industry that literally governs what we put on our body. Modeling is one of the biggest parts of the creative process in the fashion world. Vicky Hall is a model who works with a variety of creatives in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Her perspective helps provide insight into the industry and its people in a rather unique way. In this interview, we take an up-close look at modeling and her ideas about what it means to partner with a photographer’s artistic vision.

First off, how did you get into modeling? First gig?

“It was for Halloween costumes in China. My eighth-grade homeroom teacher had kids who did child modeling and introduced me to their agent. I went and did a photoshoot, like a test photoshoot, with a bunch of different outfits and makeup. It was fun and a good portfolio start. I only lived there for a year-and-a-half so I would’ve gotten more jobs if I stayed longer. Also, he mainly did stuff with younger kids and I was older so I didn’t get many jobs. So, Halloween costumes with this Irish dude in Shanghai. It was kind of embarrassing and I never saw the photos.”

Living in the D.C. Metro Area, would you say that there is a scene for photography and modeling?

“I think there is. There’s different levels to it. Instagram is a really big thing. Everyone is connected in some way. I think in any major city area, us being near D.C., there are a lot of people that are creative. Actually, pretty much everywhere. Yeah, there’s definitely a scene here.”

Personally, what do you enjoy most about the modeling process?

“The creative process is definitely fun. Things like new ideas and concepts and every photographer being different is exciting. Working with each individual photographer, there’s different chemistry and you create something different. Every shoot is unique and everyone has a different style. However, some people aren’t as fun to work with because you just aren’t as compatible.”

What are the characteristics of photographers that you like to work with & why?

“People who are secure in their own work and know what they want but also pay attention to the model. Typically, it’s easier to shoot with people who are closer to my age unless they’re super professional and experienced. Usually, younger people are easier to work with in terms of creative collaboration.”

Photographer | Peter Njoroge

How do you think that you impact the creative process from the model side?

“It depends on the photographer. Some photographers will welcome a lot of input and some you kind of feel it out if they want your input at all. Also, the photographers that I work with typically have a similar vision. Especially if it isn’t a paid shoot, we collaborate and share ideas. For paid shoots, half the time it’s really good and you can collaborate and half the time I just want to know what the photographer wants in terms of hair and makeup, they send me example photos, and we shoot whatever they want.”   

What point is your favorite part in the artistic/creative process of a shoot?

“It’s definitely exciting to see the final product but it’s also fun when you find a pose or a setting that works really well. It’s exciting for a photographer and a model when both parties are really liking what’s happening in the moment.”

Lastly, what are some things that you have learned from your modeling experience?

“I think I’ve learned to be more confident in myself and independent. Also, I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be insecure about myself or my body and how I look. It’s definitely helped me with confidence. That is the main thing. It’s also helped me learn how to do a certain business aspect. It’s been a way for me make money on my own.”