With the arrival of summer, accessories begin to play a more decisive role in our outfits. Being able to transform a plain outfit with lively colours and different shapes, producing vibrant and rocking fashion combinations.

Following the trends of the fashion style of the 90’s that has proved to reappear this season after twenty years, the accessories shown in this guide match perfectly with the items of this “grunge-style”.  Along with this rock style, we can find an endless amount of ethnic elements filled with feathers, textiles and beach accessories with a hippie touch.

1. Chokers

Black velvet choker | Laura García

Black velvet choker | Laura García

Brought straight from the 90s, these type of necklaces compared to “dog collars” have returned to triumph this season. The most seen one is the typical black velvet necklace, but we have seen thousands of varieties among the most influential fashion icons like Kim Kardashian or Cara Delevingne. The necklace made its comeback through celebrities and haute-couture brands like Dior or Channel, but the trend has become an essential of the streetstyle.

This accessory matches perfectly with crop-tops, ripped jeans or off-shoulder blouses that we can find in every shop this summer. The choker is worn tight around the neck and now it’s made with all kind of fabrics. Among our favourites, we include the simple necklace that wears the widely followed instagramer Gigi Vives (@gigi_vives) on numerous occasions for music festivals or nightlife events. We can find this same choker in Topshop in two different widths from 8€ or in Asos in different shapes and colours from 7€.

But, if you are looking for something more daring, metallic chokers or inspired in chains are for you. That’s how the Spanish instagramer Mónica Anoz (@monicanoz) suggests her best choices.

2. Golden Tattoos

Golden tattoo | Laura García

Golden tattoo | Laura García

Because temporary tattoos (flash tattoos) are no longer just found in bags of crisps. Since last summer these tattoos are one of the hottest accessories for this warm holiday time. These metal tattoos embellish the skin and are suitable for both the beach and the city and they have become one of the most fashionable accessories among the Spanish youth. Golden and silver tones are the most sought-after and they highlight the tanning of the skin typical of this time of the year.

Geometric shapes such as squares, circles or arrows were the favourites last year, to which we must add feathers and elephants that are currently trendy. Thus, we can appreciate the ethnic style along with the 90´s that are present in fashion this season.

These tattoos, moreover, are very easy to put on, you just have to stick them onto the skin with a towel and soak them for 2 minutes. You can find them in the fashion accessory shop Ale-hop for 3€ or in the Spanish shop Stradivarius for 3.95€.

3. Sunglasses bands

Sunglasses band | Laura García

Sunglasses band | Laura García

So you never lose your sunglasses again. Ethnic sunglasses bands with different colours and geometrical prints have become very popular among the Spanish youth. These accessories that seemed to be antiquated have returned with the most ethnic and colourful prints in the market.

These funny sunglasses cords are perfect for both the beach or pool or to wear with a “look of the day”. They hook on the side-piece of the glasses and they hung on the neck when you are not wearing them.

These desired accessories can be found in many local markets like El Rastro (Madrid) for 3€, on the webpage www.lascosasdecoco.com for 8€, or as new idea, you can make them yourself. It couldn´t be easier, you find everything you need in shops like Pontejos (Puerta del Sol) and it won´t cost you more than 3€.

4. Lilos

Image via Instagram flamingueo

Image via Instagram flamingueo

Want to bring out the child in you? Dare to buy one of these new inflatable mattresses for water.

You may ask, why is this novel? Well, inflatable mattresses or lilos have been one of our traveling companions to the beach since the early 60s, but now they come with new features. This year they have undergone a transformation and stopped being the typical colourful mattress to take the most peculiar shapes. Among the most renowned by the bloggers like Aretha la Galleta (@arethalagalleta) are the flamingo, the doughnut and the slice of pizza.

To make the best of your experience at the sea-side do not miss the opportunity to buy one of these mattresses. Our favourites are from the Spanish webpage www.flamingueo.com or for a more affordable price you can find them in the Spanish restaurant-shop VIPS for 40€.

Following all these tips you won’t need anything else to be a proper “it-girl”.