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MADRID, SPAIN. ROOSTERGNN Global News Network has been featured in the June 2014 edition of the Global Connection Magazine. Global Connection is an independent international expat partner support, HR consultancy and research organization with roots dating back 20 years. Global Connection’s monthly magazine targets expats around the world.

The June 2014 included a six-page spread on Madrid, in which ROOSTERGNN was lauded as a bilingual news source with quality English-language articles. ROOSTERGNN’s MADbudget section, which offers advice for expats coming to Madrid, was specifically highlighted in the mention.

As a collaborative platform that promotes the talent of journalists worldwide, ROOSTERGNN is proud to mention that two of ROOSTERGNN’s regular contributors, María Peral and Amanda Al-Sayah, were furthermore given the opportunity to publish three videos about Madrid on the Global Connection website.

Both the videos and the full magazine are available via Global Connection memberships.

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