Dinner and a movie? How about dinner at the movies. That’s what Platea offers Madrid’s tourists and locals alike, as the Carlos III Cinema has been converted into 6,000 sq. metros of pure dining heaven.

Located in the posh Serrano neighborhood, Platea offers a meal, a drink and a show to satisfy the masses. The gastronomic center is a 4-level theatre prepared to feed and entertain hundreds on any given night.

As you walk down Calle Goya and into the Platea’s small entrance, you are met by an array of vibrant colors as a market of fruits and vegetables greets you at the door. But fear not, as the real surprise awaits you.

Walk down the market corridor and into the theatre’s main floor and prepare to be amazed by the architecturally spectacular space that surrounds you. The theatre’s center is hollow with views of all floors from the center of the room. Chandeliers and lavish furniture create an upscale but comfortable ambience as people are having drinks and tapas Platea’s “Patio” or main floor.

This initial floor offers over 10 mini restaurant options with a variety of tapas and beverages that will suit anyone’s taste buds. A large and regal stage takes up the back wall of the theatre and depending on your arrival time, you could be entertained by music, from jazz to funk to r&b and Latino.

On the second floor, you will find a Michelin star rated restaurant with an air bistro and one of the best views of the stage in the entire theatre. The third level is a smoker’s oasis while still providing a view of the stage but perhaps the most impressive part of Platea is seen down below.

On the lowest level, otherwise known as “El Foso”, food goers can take a one stop trip around the world. This floor offers 7 restaurants of world cuisine, from mexican to Japanese to italian and peruvian food and the system is quite user friendly.

Customers simply travel their way from restaurant to restaurant, taking their pick, placing their order and eventually recieving a buzzer that will notify them when their order is up. Customers are then urged to take a seat as a server comes to take your beverage order. Before you know it, your drinks have arrived,your buzzer is sounding and you have yourself a world class meal in the heart of Madrid.

Do not let the glitz and the glamour of this theatre sized establishment scare you; there is a price point made for everyone’s budget. Whether you are a tourist in town for the weekend or a local looking to try something new, Platea puts a whole new spin on world class dining and it is sure to impress just about anyone that walk’s through its deceiving doors. With Platea’s capacity to hold about 1,100 people, the only question left to be answered is when will you be one of them?