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NEW YORK CITY, U.S.A. Where would you like to go today — without having to leave the city? New York has prepared a weekly guide of activities for you to enjoy. Many of them are free, or for a small fee, so get ready to have fun in the city and be sure to check This Week in New York regularly for weekly updates!

Kite Flight

Flying High | Wikimedia

Flying High | Wikimedia

Never learned how to build a kite? Come celebrate the sunshine and learn how to build a kite this weekend at the Socrates Sculpture Park. All participants will not only be able to sign up for a kite building workshop and set their kites free in the sky, but they will also be able to watch a pro kite battle. This event offers the perfect opportunity for those who are looking to learn something new and spend some time outside in the warm weather.

This event takes place at the outdoor museum and public park, Socrates Sculpture Park located at 32-01 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11106 on May 9th, 2015. Admission is free for all attendees.

Dutch Festival

Dutch Clogs  | cikkiro.terasz.hu

Dutch Clogs | cikkiro.terasz.hu

Join NYC’s celebration of the Dutch culture at the annual Dutch Festival. This carnival features jazz music, blooming tulips, face painting, craft vendors, and authentic Dutch food and beverages. This festival boasts several fun activities and beautiful scenery while also showcasing Dutch food, culture and hospitality.

This event takes place on May 9th, 2015 at Hofstra University in Hempstead located in New York. There is no admission fee for this festival although some of the events and activities available at the festival charge a fee.

Taste of Queens

Tasty Ingredients for Every Palette | Wikimedia

Tasty Ingredients for Every Palette | Wikimedia

There’s no better place to sample some authentic New York style food than from one of the most popular boroughs of the city. The annual Taste of Queens event will boast food and beverage samples from over 50 restaurant vendors in Queens. Take this opportunity to mingle with friends and try scrumptious new dishes and refreshing drinks.

This event takes place on May 12th, 2015 at the New York Hall of Science. The New York Hall of Science is located at 47-01 111th Street, Corona, NY 11368. This tasting is from 6p.m.-9p.m.

Queens Music Festival

Reading Between the Lines | deviantart.net

Reading Between the Lines | deviantart.net

For music fanatics of all types, this years 4th annual Queens Music Festival promises some of the best sounds of music. This music festival features 8 live concerts of music written within the last 50 years. The mission of the festival is to promote new music in Queens by focusing on the wealth and success of current composers, musicians and ensembles living and working in Queens, as well as highlighting artists from other parts of the country.

The Queens Music Festival takes place at the Secret Theatre located at 4401 23rd Street, Long Island, NY 11101. This festival begins on May 13th, 2015 and runs until May 17th, 2015.