It’s pretty unlikely that any of that will happen to you and it’s definitely more unlikely that you will win the lottery. It’s important to know that you are less likely to exist than you are to win the lottery.

Stop waiting that …

1. …money come from the sky ( especially if you did not buy a lotto ). Do you play the lottery?Everyone knows the odds of winning the lottery are unlikely, but exactly how unlikely? — You have heard that you are more like to die on the way to buy your lottery ticket than you are to win the lottery, right? The odds of you dying in a car accident are 1 in 6,700, by the way.

2. … dress which absolutely perfectly suits you — to be on sale!

3. …Jennifer and Brad going to reconcile. (Of these, even the tabloids gave up. A long time ago.).

4. …your colleagues — in which you are secretly in love — leaves his wife because of you. — Yea. Never Gonna Happened.

5. …to finally get a call from a reputable company to work for them. For a fantastic salary!Instead, accept any job that is offered to you. However, do not give up on sending CVs and going to job interviews in better company.

6. … your boss calls you and announce that you get a raise, while you did not even have to ask for it!

7. The right moment to break up with your boyfriend / girlfriend — just do it!

8. Life balance and harmony. Oh no — that never gonna happen. You can continue to bother yourself too much about the fact that your life isn’t perfect, or you can start to enjoy in this chaotic journey. ( I recommend — the second one!)