Frinje is a festival that manifests art in all its forms to a diverse community that enjoys breaking the norm and customs of simplicity. With live music shows to theatrical acts, visual engagement, poetic slams and much more there is something for everyone here to not be missed!


The festival hub is located at ‘Matadero’ located in the district of Arganzuela which is a part of the neighbourhood of Legazpi.

To get here you must get off at the stop Legazpi, these are the following options:
Via metro take either line 3 or 6
Via bus 6, 8, 18, 19, 45, 78, and 148


From the 3rd – 25th July 2015, the festivial de artes escénicas runs wild throughout Madrid!


This is for anyone who loves art by that I mean all forms of art, live music, plays, dances and exhibitions. If you’re nodding your head, then this is for you!


You can either purchase a ticket online to avoid the disappointment of missing out or you can purchase a ticket at the festival hub. The prices for each event vary from 5 euros to 50 euros but here’s the catch, many are free so why not experience the essence of art?

More information

For the main website visit: http://www.frinjemadrid.com/

For the programme visit http://www.frinjemadrid.com/downloads/Frinje15.pdf