If you are new to Madrid, trying to figure out how to get around, it might be a bit overwhelming. You may be thinking, “How much am I going to be spending on transportation? Will this fit in my budget?” I can assure you it doesn’t cost very much to get around Madrid.

When you arrive from the Barajas airport, you can either catch a taxi, hire a car, find a bus or take a train to your destination

According to the Lonely Planet, if you want to get to city center from the airport with a taxi it’ll cost you around 7 euro depending how far it is from the city center. Luckily if you don’t want to pay for taxis, you can take the train or bus which both are fairly cheap.

If you are thinking about taking the Metro (train) each transfer is pretty cheap and convenient to use. Tickets can be purchased in the metro stops at the ticket dispensers. Each are able to convert to any language and some are able to take debit if you haven’t converted your cash yet. Single transfer tickets are anywhere from 1-2 euros, depending on how far the destination is. If you are a traveler and here for a holiday, the cheapest and the most money saving is the 10-ride ticket, its 12,50 euro that can take you to many places all over the city. The ticket will also give you access to the buses as well. (Caution: buses are on a scheduled time so plan ahead before catching the bus)

The Metro is open from 6:05am to 2am everyday. Buses are open from 6:05 am to 11pm most days. Some of the busses from the airport are 24-hour service, those cost around 5 euros. If you are traveling around Europe and find yourself in Madrid, don’t worry about transportation, its easy and cheap enough to fit in your budget.