To get started, answer the questions.
1. How much time you spent today on his spiritual growth?
2. How much time you have allocated to your interests?
3. How much time you spent on acquisition new knowledge and skills?
If you find it difficult to answer these questions, it could mean only one thing: instead of really important things you are doing things unfortunately secondary.
Eternal wisdom says – you never to sacrifice the most important in the name slightly. So just have to decide that for you is a major and what not.
You never have enough time on important? Find the main causes of this problem. Maybe someone steals your time? Catch the thief’s hand. To do this, make small diagnostics. The first few days, write down every hour of his time: how and what you spent it, and then do not worry it will need to do is not always.
And what we have result?
As you may have guessed the culprit and thief of your time, you are yourself!
We read Stephen Covey: “Human life – the result of its decisions. Blame their misfortunes of others, circumstances or other external factors – means deliberately indulge in their power, to give them the power to control you.” It is important to understand. Just try to keep in mind it. A good technique to justify their inaction is – laziness.
But understand one thing: when you’re lazy, you slow down the process of its own growth! It’s like a bad dream. You do not allow yourself to be fully themselves. Moreover, it deprives you of adequacy. The world is a utopia and eludes from you. But we live in a world of opportunities and ideas, so inaction – it’s pretty stupid act.
What shall we do?
Wake Up!
You must take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life over. Yes, it’s difficult. We do not want grow up. After all responsibility the main feature is an adult. We are afraid to go through the suffering of growth. But this experience is necessary and inevitable.
Therefore …
We have one life. Time is never enough.
We need to start thinking how to use it.
And most think a head and not lying on the couch.