Certainly sit at home and drink tea is nice.
But how can spend a lifetime in one city if God gave us this great planet? As long as we sit in our apartment – on the streets of thousands cities raging life. That there is a free, real life, bright, interesting, unforgettable, unique. Let we will not sit on his chair where comfortable. Comfort for weak people. Strong people quench thirst for adventure, now one conquers Everest, someone drinks coffee in the cozy of Paris.
According to Mark Twain, “only two things we will regret on his deathbed – that had small loved and had small traveled”. Help when love is not enough, is difficult. That is why it is easier to start with the second. For each of us once in my life thought so hard to drop everything and go away.
Any travel changes the usual life. When traveling, at every turn there are unusual situations. Each country – it is a domestic Level up and good own forces, the ability to gain experience and then share it. In order to travel, we must take an understanding that a person may not be a one job, not a one profession, not a one relationship, not one fun. Now the reason for lack of faith or a certificate . Travel is make me free in the names of their activities and roles: dancer, actor, artist, writer, blogger, traveler, woman, manager, dreamer. Wandering allowed me to be comprehensive and free.
“For a man who never traveled, every new place any different from his native land, has a very enticing look. If you do not talk about love, the greatest joy and bring us joy trip. Everything new seems something very important, and mind in fact only reflects the perception of our senses, the influx of inferior experience. In a way, you can forget the beloved, dispel sorrow, to drive away the specter of death itself. In simple terms, “I go” lies a whole world of feelings that find no exit “(Theodore Dreiser) .
Let us go!