Many people feel that they are just a drop of water in a large ocean, and there is no point in voting.  However there is power in numbers.

In truth, there is practically no chance that your vote will ever decide an election unless you live in a very small town and are voting for city council or something.  Above that, even close elections are typically decided by a few thousand votes.

Voting is a sign that you believe in your democracy and that you feel that it is a worthwhile and important thing.  Therefore, every time you vote, it is like you are declaring that you believe in your country. Showing your commitment to the democracy that you live in. If you do not vote, you lose the power to say anything.

Even if at the end there will be someone else choosing for you..don’t tell it to the Greeks!

There have been times in which the vote was an X sign on a paper and the choice was a political action. The X sign is the same nowadays, but you can find it on a graphic, as the meeting point between Supply and Demand.

The short-lived Corsican Republic (1755-1769) was the first country to grant limited universal suffrage for all inhabitants over the age of 25. A century and a half later Alfred Marshall’s supply and demand graph implicitly stated that a new decision making power was officially born.

Everything revolves around consumption. Its numbers are what really count. Doesn’t end here.

Consumers have realized that they can use social media to organize themselves around shared values to start effective movements. Social media gives them a sounding board to share ideas, as well as a means to punish irresponsible corporate behaviours. On the other hand, consumers are gravitating towards companies that are using social media to dialogue with them about social issues.

If it isn’t democracy!

To Follow a brand it’s sharing its values, behaviour, being faithful with its product through the years. In a few worlds, to like its “face on the billboards”.

Consumption is not only a new tablet, car or clothes, but the thumbs up on facebook, a plus sign on a website and a further tweet on that particular post.

Every thumbs, plus, tweet, every new “vote” is really important.