Living off a budget is no strange concept to a student, especially one that is well-versed in international travel. However, if you’ve headed overseas for your first time, then much like myself you may not know what to expect once your feet hit the ground. Sure, there are tips that can help you survive off of a small amount of money, but what about that extra student discount to help you get even more bang for your buck? Well you, my friend, are in luck.

Student ID Cards

It all starts with obtaining a student ID card. The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally accepted proof of student status. ISIC is now issued to students in over 130 countries. ISIC is not exclusive; all students over the age of 12, regardless of race, gender, or religion, can purchase an ISIC at an affordable rate – only €9 in Spain! This card gives you access to preferential and discounted services all across the world.

If you’re a local resident and are not planning on traveling internationally anytime soon, consider obtaining a Youth Card. The Carne Joven gives young people ages 14-30 living in Madrid lots of benefits and discounts on local services. The Youth Card only costs €4! If you’re a Youth Card holder, you can also enjoy the benefits in other regions of Spain, along with more than 37 European countries.

Some of the benefits of both of these cards include, but are not limited to:

Food | kadluba

Food | kadluba


The Good Burger – With several locations spread throughout Spain, all you have to do is find the one closest to you and enjoy 10% off your entire order.

100 Montaditos – This popular sandwich shop has locations in both the United States and Spain, and offers 10% off all your orders. But when they already have such great promotions such as Euromania, where montaditos and snacks are only €1 every Wednesday and Sunday, do you really need to save on top of that? My answer is yes, of course. ☺

Food Dissimo – 20% discount on drinks.

Passion Food Bar & Restaurant – 20% discount on drinks.

Los Galayos Restaurant – every Thursday (except holidays and the month of December) receive 25% discount on all drinks, excluding daily menu.

Sushi Olé – 25% discount on the total bill every day at lunch and/or dinner.

Art | Raban Haaijk

Art | Raban Haaijk


Museo Thyssen – Bornemisza – Receive a 10% discount on an audio guide, as well as at the cafe when you visit the historical museum.

Museo Arqueológico Nacional – free entry for Youth Card members.

Museo Cerrablo – free entry for Youth Card members.

Museo de America – free entry for Youth Card members.

Museo del Romanticismo – free entry for Youth Card members.

Museo del Traje – free entry for Youth Card members.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia – free entry for Youth Card members.

Museo Nacional de Antropologia – free entry for Youth Card members.

Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas – free entry for Youth Card members.

Museo Sorolla – free entry for Youth Card members.

Museo del Prado – free entry with student ID card.

Guides | Allison Richards (atrphoto)

Guides | Allison Richards (atrphoto)


Carpetania Madrid – Carpetania Madrid is an association of professionals qualified as tour guides around Madrid. Receive a 10% discount on all of their trips.

Sandeman’s New Europe Madrid – Free tours of Madrid, every day.

Royal Palace – free entry for European citizens Monday-Thursday, 6-8 PM.

Las Ventas Tour – 10% discount on the purchase of individual tickets for the bullring tour of Las Ventas.

Cinema | Svadilfari

Cinema | Svadilfari


Yelmo cines – Choose Yelmo as your next cinematic experience and save up to 20% off the purchase of your ticket.

Cine Paz – €4 entry fee during the weekdays.

Cines Renoir – €6 entry fee Tuesday – Friday, except holidays.

Cines Verdi – €7 entry fee Tuesday – Thursday, except holidays.

Travel | NR Automotive

Travel | NR Automotive


Alsa – Travel all across Spain with a 15% discount using ALSA. They offer a wide range of timetables and different transportation services.

Daibus Interbus – Travel now with a 15% discount on all normal tickets. Daibus Interbus has the most updated, modern buses equipped with lifts for easy access for disabled persons.

TagTravelling – 25% discount on travel insurance. 10% discount on travel packages themselves. 10% discount on language courses.

Renfe – Varying by location, members can receive up to 20% off a single trip on any day, train, and class type with ID. And if you book online, you can possibly receive additional discounts, regardless of whether you are a student or not.

Workout | gregoj

Workout | gregoj


EMTBM Escuela De Mountain Bike – 12% discount on tours and events.

Madrid Tennis Federation – 10% discount on tennis services, and the rental of the court. Youth Card members can also access 8 hours of free lessons.

30 Minutes – Gym & Beauty – free tuition, and €5 discount on the monthly fee.

These and many more options are available for your saving pleasure. Just remember – always keep your student ID card with you, and whenever in doubt just ask!