Our generation is the backpack generation. Behind this there is a real business, despite travel the ends of the world is not a news, with backpacks proof wild experiences, designed for occasions where danger may be around the corner, or when there is risk of not meeting anyone for days and to sleep on a bed becomes almost a privilege. So expensive kits take on a special significance and a certain utility.

But it is paradoxical what happens when we are not about to leave for the desert, or  Savannah, but we go to visit a city for a few days, I repeat a city. And specially when you are a student and you are not going ther to work.

We often see people with heavy luggage, with aching arms and copious sweat on his forehead. This is because they thought that to get away from home for a few days would take everything necessarily, and not everything that is necessary.

Free and light as a butterfly

Free and light as a butterfly


  1. Make a list and write everything you think can serve on the go. Then try to put everything you have written on a bed, a few days before departure. From that moment on, try to remove something every time you pass near. A good method is the indecision: If you’re not sure, take it off.
  2. When you think about the clothes to take with you, choose combinations interchangeable and also think about those clothes that can change: sporty or elegant thanks to a single accessory. Create your outfits with the rule of multiplication: two pairs of trousers and two shirts are four costume changes, two pairs of trousers and four shirts, eight! And so on.
  3. When you are going to make the suitcase, separate everything in envelopes or clutch. This way it will look neater and you will have everything under control.
  4. Underwear and soaps. A constant question. The advice is to bring underwear for half the days travel more what you wear. Then, when you will arrive in your accommodation, you can wash them daily. How? Here soap comes to play. A good method is to bring a solid soap, preferably Marseilles. In this case it can be used to do laundry and to wash yourself. Liquids are always a problem especially with the low-cost airlines that limit the quantity. In this regard it would be good to buy all soaps directly in the place where you go and if for one day not even find a shop (not probab) you can always wash with Marseille soap (it is also bio and good for your skin).
  5. Try to buy universal charger. And remember that the phones today are able to produce very good pictures, leave the heavy equipment at home if we do not really use it.
  6. Do not take unnecessary things to experience that you only plan to do. If you never went for a run in your life, you are not going to run when you’re on vacation, for sure.
  7. Only one book will be enough. Lovers reading, if you don’t have an Ebook Reader, but you still are in the time of beautiful pages, I suggest you bring only a book. Even if you go on vacation alone. Of course it can be good in times of loneliness or relaxing, but remember you are out to explore! Go for a walk, maybe go into a bookstore and another book will catch you.
  8. The evergreen onion. We’re not talking about food, but of a style, even of life. It’s true that you have to consider each eventuality: if it’s cold, you need warm clothes, if it’s going to rain, a keeway is necessary. But do not forget that the alternative is you can wear everything you have, it works even better than a snow jacket.
  9. Remind yourself that you go to a city and not in a place without civilization: shops, supermarkets and pharmacies exist abroad. Bring only what you are absolutely sure you will not be able to find the place where you go.
  10. Let a little free space in your luggage. Don’t fill it completely, you think that why you miss something is a great excuse to go shopping! That space will be used for souvenirs, also. The way back suitcase is increasingly full than the departure one. Even of experiences and memories.