For those still not familiar with the term “Golden Hour“, it is the magical hours you encounter as the sun rises and also when it sets. It is when the sun is just beside us, not at all scorching hot, and just at the right position. We can all get scientific on it, yet you may just simply greet it without any hard facts and accept the amazing colors that roam the skies just as they are. The sky at these hours usually consists of the yellowish-orange, as well as lines of pink and purple.

Why wait for these hours, you may ask? While to wake up for an early sunrise would be hard and heavy , here are some reasons of why you should endure any obstacles.

Firstly, these hours are a haven for photographers. For those not familiar and wanting to start a hobby in photography, try taking out your camera in these golden hours, adjust some settings on your camera, and just get the image. You will definitely be surprised in how the golden hours can spice the image up a little bit. Colors of objects and subjects would change as the sun rays hits them and they will embrace a little bit of the yellowish-orange. In addition to that, shadows, silhouettes and some amazing lens flares are produced because of the light, making more opportunities for great images.


Sun rays produced by the golden hours

Additionally, a sunrise or sunset trip could be inserted into your travelling itinerary, because the sunrise and sunset views in each place, city, and country are different and they possess their own charms. So not only do you get the golden hour experience, but you will also get to enjoy the beautiful views a place can offer, just make sure that the weather is nice enough so the sun is not covered by clouds.

Last but not least, there is definitely a sacred feeling you get by just sitting and staring at a view of a sunset or sunrise, be it with your friends or family, talking about anything, or even not talking at all. It is one of those feelings that a mere description on a traveling article cannot do justice.


Golden hour on the top of a mountain

The efforts you put into chasing the sunrise or sunset are usually well worth it. For example, you would need to climb a hill early in the morning where it is still dark, or go to the high points of a city just to catch that last bit of sun. Yet, in the end of the day, those tiny struggles are the ones that can make the experience even more satisfying.