This is a very famous street in Harlem. A lot of different things happen on this one street. One obvious thing that takes place on this well known street called 125th is shopping. This street has every possible store you can think of.  There are shoe stores, clothing stores, electronic stores, you name it.  There are also plenty of restaurants, beauty salons, financial institutes, entertainment, and much more.

Typical Street Scene in Harlem | Cliffy Barz

One of the most famous and popular entertainment centers located on this street is a place called the Apollo. The Apollo is known for starting many people careers. A lot of famous people performed in the Apollo. Some of these people included Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and many more. Many tourist flock to this street in Harlem to take pictures and video footage.

Parade in Harlem | Cliffy Barz

There is a lot of African American culture and history on this street called 125th. This street has changed tremendously over the past couple of years. More businesses are opening on this street which is good, but on the other hand a lot of historical businesses are closing down that were located in Harlem on 125th. This process is known as gentrification.

Local community participating in a parade | Cliffy Barz

A lot of black owned business are closing and bigger companies are taking over. More and more new nationalities are moving to Harlem. At one point Harlem was almost completely filled with just the African American population.

Dancers at a Harlem Street Festival | Cliffy Barz

It is somewhat of a bitter sweet that some of the culture has been taken away while new bigger businesses move in. However, me being a Harlem resident I will continue to look forward to documenting all the changes as they take place.

Spectators watch the parade | Cliffy Barz

Classical cars in a parade in Harlem | Cliffy Barz