Dogs, a man’s best friend. Those furry creatures that become so excited as soon as we come home from work. Those kind little animals that would do anything for us, even jump in front of a bullet to save us. There are some dogs that are natural herders, there are some that are natural hunters, some that are natural protectors, and some that are natural nappers. Some dogs are “smarter” than others, obviously the concept of intelligence is subjective. If we were to rank dogs by how obedient they are and how quickly they learn tricks, we would come up with the list below. These 5 dogs understand new commands with fewer than 5 repetitions and obey the first command of the newly learned command 95% of the time or better.

1. Border Collie

Border Colllie | Animal Planet

Height: male (19-22 inches), female (18-21 inches)
Weight: 30 – 55 pounds
Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years
Group: Herding Group

Border Collies are medium sized dogs with thick hair. They are athletic and agile dogs that when paired with their smart demeanor, makes them the best dog to herd cattle and other animals. These dogs have an endless endurance, they can run and herd for hours on end. This dog is different because of its keen attention and alertness. This dog has an affectionate and energetic temperament – it needs attention and daily exercise to workout the mind and body. The Border Collie is a true workaholic that needs the time and energy to be occupied.

2. Poodle 

Poodle | American Kennel Club

Height: toy (10 inches and under), miniature (10 – 15 inches), standard (over 15 inches)
Weight: toy (4 – 6 pounds), miniature (10 – 15 pounds), standard male (60 – 70 pounds), standard female (40 – 50 pounds)
Life Expectancy: 10 -18 years
Group: Non-Sporting Group

The Poodle is very active, elegant, and extremely smart dog. This breed is a well-proportioned dog, it moves in a very proud-looking manner. Because of its demeanor, this breed is very popular in dog shows, and is always a likely winner. The Poodle has a very distinct and unique grooming style which allows for a further reason to stand out. Underneath its curly and hypoallergenic coat lies an athletic build and loyal companion. This dog is said to stand among the dog breeds true aristocrats.

3. German Shepard

German Shepard | American Kennel Club

Height: male (24 – 26 inches), female (22 – 24 inches)
Weight: male (65 – 90 pounds), female (50 – 70 pounds)
Life Expectancy: 7 – 10 years
Group: Herding Group

The German Shepard is one of the most popular dog breeds. This dog is known for being confident, courageous, and smart. They are strong and muscular animals who are alert of their surroundings, curious, and always full of life. This dog is longer than it is tall. This dog is one of the finest all-purpose working dogs. They are large, noble dogs with an incredibly high intelligence. They are commonly used as service dogs as well as police dogs. This breed is known for their loyalty and courage – complete willingness of defending their loved ones without care of their own lives.

4. Golden Retriever 

Golden Retriever | American Kennel Club

Height: male (23 – 24 inches), female (21.5 – 22.5 inches)
Weight: male (65 – 75 pounds), female (55 – 65 pounds)
Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 years
Group: Sporting Group

The infamous Golden Retriever is loved by everyone, including Hollywood! This breed is friendly, very intelligent, and extremely devoted to their families. This breed has an eager, alert and self-confident demeanor along with a powerful and active body. Golden Retrievers were originally hunting dogs, eventually became working dogs. This Scottish gundog is known for its beauty and has become one of the most popular dogs. These dogs are commonly used for hunting purposes as well as leading the blind and for search-and-rescue situations.

5. Doberman Pinscher 

Doberman Pinscher | American Kennel Club

Height: male (26 – 28 inches), female (24 – 26 inches)
Weight: male (75 – 100 pounds), female (60 – 90 pounds)
Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 years
Group: Working Group

The Doberman Pinscher is a unique breed. Socially considered a very aggressive and scary dog, this breed is a very loyal, loving, and incredibly smart. This breed has commonly been utilized as a guard dog and police dog because of its alertness and fearlessness. This breed is known as being a compact dog, they are muscular, fast, powerful, and are very smart and obedient. This breed comes in a variation of colors: black, blue, red, fawn, rust markings, grey, and white. Doberman Pinschers are very noble, loyal and loving to their families and combined with their athletic build and high intelligence making them the complete package.