MADRID, SPAIN. There’s no need to travel all the way to New Delhi for some samosas. Now, you can get a taste of India right here, in Madrid’s barrio Salamanca. The restaurant Tandoori Station invites you: “súbete al tren de la gastronomía india en Madrid” – embark on the Indian culinary train in Madrid.

The décor of the restaurant stays in line with its name: at the entrance, a sign typical of the London underground welcomes you; it is labeled “Tandoori Station,” of course. Inside, the railway theme continues. There are vintage train signs on the walls, and an entire underground map of New Delhi on your way to the back of the restaurant. Clocks, too, tell time while being reminiscent of train stations. In the rear, several tables are aligned in a way that resembles a train wagon; there is even a suitcase perched above, as it would be on a shelf inside a compartment.

So get ready for the ride. The friendly waiters will assist you in choosing your food, especially if you are new to Indian cuisine. Should that be the case, the menú de degustación will provide you with a good introduction; you will need to be at least a party of two to order it for the table. For 24.50 Euros per person, it includes

  • Starters: samosas, vegetables and onions fried in chickpea flour, chicken breast Tandoori style;
  • choice of curries (chicken, lamb or vegetable), accompanied by naan (Indian bread) and Pulau rice;
  • Dessert

If you’re here at midday from Tuesday to Friday, you can also take advantage of the menú del día, which for 13.50 Euros will get you:

  • starter (you choose from two options), accompanied by basmati rice or naan;
  • curry dish (again, you choose from two options)
  • A beverage, and dessert or coffee

Without a doubt, the menú del día is the most affordable option. However, the restaurant’s menu has more to offer. If you’re looking to try a delicious appetizer, consider the Jhingah Til Tikka (shrimp with honey and sesame sauce; 11.50 Euros). Fish fanatics can continue with the Machi Tkka (Swordwish Tandoori style, garnished with spices and herbs, served on a bed of vegetables; 11.50 Euros). There’s also a variety of chicken and lamb curries with different degrees of spicyness – you choose what works best for you. Vegetarians can always head for a Chana Massala (chickpea curry) and those who enjoy whole wheat can try the Roti (Indian whole wheat bread; 1.50 Euros per slice).

Every Tuesday and Wednesday night (except for holidays and days before holidays), there is live sitar music, too.


Calle José Ortega y Gasset 89 and 91

28006 Madrid

Tel. +34 91 401 22 28

Metro: Lista or Manuel Becerra

Hours: Tues-Sat: 1 p.m.-4 p.m.8.30 p.m.-12.30 a.m. Sun: 12.30 p.m.-4 p.m. Closed Sunday night and Monday.

Menu: click here.