GLOBAL. Technology is taking its toll on quotidian life. As part of Safer Internet Day, which operates under the motto “Let’s create a better internet together,” ROOSTERGNN is publishing a photo story on how technology is perceived by ordinary citizens.

Electroboutique, a Moscow-based creative electronics production company, media art gallery and artist collective, creates pieces of art “where cool aesthetics meets information technologies, modern design, pop-art and real-time data processing.” Above, you see an oversize iPod, on view at the Creative City exhibit at Madrid’s CentroCentro. The videos on the iPod were distorted in the same way as the device itself. Also by the same artists, the distorted iPhone below.

iPhone Electroboutique  |  ROOSTERGNN

iPhone Electroboutique | ROOSTERGNN

The human brain is now more and more connected to technological devices.

The brain and a mobile phone. Photo taken at the <em>Micrografías: el mundo a través del móvil</em> exhibit by Javier Castañeda |ROOSTERGNN

The brain and a mobile phone. Photo taken at the Micrografías: el mundo a través del móvil exhibit by Javier Castañeda |ROOSTERGNN

Sometimes, art and tech aren’t all too far apart.

Tech and art  |  ROOSTERGNN

Tech and art | ROOSTERGNN

The urban artists agree, too.

Lightbulb Graffiti  |  ROOSTERGNN

Lightbulb Graffiti | ROOSTERGNN

A plugged-in baby with an ensuing lightbulb is the subject of graffiti in Madrid.

Enlightenment | ROOSTERGNN

Enlightenment | ROOSTERGNN

The importance of books, as opposed to TVs and other screens, is underlined here in a photo also taken in Madrid.

"More screens, less people" | ROOSTERGNN

“More screens, less people” | ROOSTERGNN

This graffiti sprayer uses words to make it clear: “More screens, fewer people,” the sprayer opines. And then there are the company that provide help, if you need it:



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