MADRID, SPAIN. This is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. The food is fresh, attention is paid to its selection for the menu, it is healthy, and the environment is personal and cool. The ambiance is rustic and the restaurant boasts great design, with no clutter and aesthetically beautiful typefaces. Windows illuminate the room with natural light.

I have come twice and tried different foods both times (because I want to try everything on the menu)! I have really enjoyed eggplant with pomegranate, bulgur with dried fruits, mango and carrot salad, and roasted squash. I have also heard that their coffee is really good.

The place is really well priced. For 7,50 euros, you can choose one salad, one vegetable, and one grain. For 9,00 euros, you can have two of those three and a dish with protein. For a little more, you get all four dishes. The meal also comes with a selection of bread and really good olive oil.

The place is very small. It fits around ten people at one time. There are two cute tables for two, a communal table, and a bar against the wall. It is always busy, so a reservation is necessary, but it is really easy to make a reservation by calling. Since the place is so small and so many people want to eat there, meals can sometimes feel rushed. Twice we have been told that we only have an hour to eat. Also, hovering people can sometimes make for a bad environment. But they try and control this by booking reservations with enough time.

The staff is really friendly and one of the waitresses has taken the time to recognize me and now talks to me when I come in. I cannot emphasize enough how awesome this place is for people who enjoy healthy food and unique/cool environments.

Olivia te Cuida
Calle de Santa Teresa, 8
28004 Madrid
Tel. +34 917 020 066
Neighborhood: Justicia
Metro Station: Alonso Martínez, Chueca, Colón

Hours: Mon-Sat 9 am – 6 pm

Vegetables | Robert Persky

Vegetables | Robert Persky