MADRID, SPAIN. For a while my good friend had been asking me to join her and her friend playing Super Quiz. They discovered the hosting café by coincidence while walking around Barrio de las Letras one Tuesday evening. Sitting down to have a caña or two they were surprised when the host handed them a piece of paper and a pen explaining them that it is time for a Super Quiz. They’ve been attending the event ever since.

When I finally managed to get some free time to actually join them I was not disappointed. Espacio Cultural La Victoria is a warm, bohemian styled place with a lot of spirit. Every Tuesday at 21:00 the place gets crowded and my friend informed me that there are many teams who participate on a regular basis. Each team picks its own designated name. The group size varies. You can form a group of two or as many as eight people. If you are alone or in a very small group feel free to ask if you can join another team. Two heads are better than one plus you can make some new friends.

Super Quiz itself is like trivia. In La Victoria the game is divided into three sections each consisting of ten questions. The first section focuses on current national and international events and I would recommend you scanning through a newspaper or two before attending. The second section is titled “cultura” and asks questions ranging from history to medicine. The final section requires teams to listen and watch carefully as it asks questions about various photos, videos, movie clips, and songs that are showed. Each group is required to write their answers on a piece of paper, which is corrected at the end of each section and handed back to the team after the correct answers are announced.

Yes, the winning team receives a prize! At the beginning of the quiz, each contestant is required to pay participation fee of 1.50 euros. 70 percent of the total money collected goes to the winning team and is then divided among its members. Due to the large number of participants, the prize seems to be pretty generous.

Interested? The new round of Super Quiz is starting on May 6th. Make sure you arrive at least half an hour early or make reservations as the place gets really crowded and you might be left standing for the duration of the quiz.

Keep in mind that Super Quiz is not the only activity in La Victoria. Concerts, theater shows for adults and children, and all kinds of workshops and classes take place there on weekly basis. Their official web site does not seem to be regularly updated. However, you can call, email, or visit their Facebook page to find out more. Enjoy!

Address: Calle Santa Isabel, 40, 28012 Madrid
Metro: Antón Martín, Atocha, and Lavapiés
Information and reservations: (+34) 618-506-681 and (+34) 915-286-457
Reservations (email):
Information (email):