EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND. Edinburgh is a beautiful place, and this is partly due to this park which is smack in the middle of the city. Arthur’s Seat is located in Holyrood Park, which is a 640 acre royal park that contains four hills (Arthur’s Seat is the tallest at 250.5 m high). It was formed by a now dormant volcano 350 million years ago and sculpted by a passing glacier. It is now rumored that this may have been the location of Camelot, the old castle of King Arthur.

Quarrying took place from the 16th to the 19th centuries. The famous geologist James Hutton formed important theories on the origin of the Earth while studying this area in the 1700s.

Near Salisbury Crags on the Hike | Robert Persky

Near Salisbury Crags on the Hike | Robert Persky

It takes about 45 minutes to hike to the top, and the hike is not too strenuous. There are many routes to the top that you can choose between. From the top, you can see amazing views of Edinburgh. The city surrounds all sides of the mountain, and you can see the water a little distance way.

You can also easily see the Holyrood Palace from the top. This palace is the official residence of the Queen of Britain in Scotland.  It was built by David I, King of the Scots, in 1128. It now features the Queen’s Gallery, which is open to the public and features art from the Royal Collection. Queen Elizabeth visits one week a year in the beginning of the summer.

The top has a lot of wind, so dress warm if you visit during any season other than the summer. There can be fog, so make sure you go on a nice day. The hike is also uneven, so wear good shoes!

Arthur’s Seat is easily accessible from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile (a popular street with restaurants and stores). I recommend starting the hike from near the Scottish Parliament Building. Take the volunteer’s walk to the end of Salisbury Crags and then turn left onto Piper’s Walk.

Parking is available near Holyrood Palace Broad Pavement, St Margaret’s Loch, Dunsapie Loch, and Duddingston Loch, and costs 1,00 pound an hour.

Arthur’s Seat
Queens Drive
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