JAÉN, SPAIN: Jaén is there and invests in entrepreneurs. This is not something new, as many cities (and provinces) today opt for them because after the severe crisis in which we’ve lived, there have not been many other options. However, not many can boast of doing particularly well, with ingenuity and passion. Therefore, as I’ve seen that Jaén is one of them, and is largely unknown in this area, I have decided to dedicate these words.

For all of those who don’t know, Jaen is in a geographical area that historically has had a great strategic importance because of its location. This has been clearly reflected in its renowned archaeological sites where, for those who want to know, the site of “Marroquíes Bajos” settlement was actually a macro-village and according to recent estimates, it is approximately the size of 90 football fields. As if that was not enough, the Province of Jaén holds the largest concentration of fortresses and castles in Europe … and do you know about its Castle Routes?

Even though, I’m fascinated by all this “wealth” and therefore don’t want to lose the opportunity to encourage all those who read these words, to become interested in its cultural attractions, my primary focus right now is the entrepreneurial activity and innovative spirit, so I’ll stop this reflection here, and I will share my recent experience with their “Innovisibles” because there are experiences that are not easily forgotten and this is one of them.
I will start off by providing some figures: 34 Centers for Entrepreneurial Development which have supported the creation of over 1,650 companies and have generated nearly 2,000 jobs in the last year … These entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to meet and work together through activities developed in the area under the program “Andalucía Emprende” and its territorial network for entrepreneurs support.

In fact, a few weeks ago I was fortunate to attend the prize giving ceremony “Innovisibles 2014”, where the quality of the five most innovative projects was recognized: La Cuerda, Hicon Higiene y Servicios, Origen Novecientos, Strategy Products y Enerdone Servicios Aéreos. What’s the common differential factor in all of them? Without a doubt it’s ingenuity, but the commitment and passion were even more visible, not to mention the energy and human quality of the people who went to collect their awards. Congratulations to the network and, of course, to the entrepreneurs who are willing to fight for their dream.

As it is told by the ancient legend, anyone who makes a thousand Tsurus (Crane in Japanese) will fulfill a wish and I like to believe in all those things that bring a dose of hope and optimism, and it’s been a while since this legend has captivated me. Some may ask, so what does all of this have to do with Jaén? Well, a lot… Jaén doesn’t have a thousand, it has one, an amazing one, and reaching almost five meters of height, it is worth a thousand, and is located in the well- known “Plaza de las Pajaritas”. Haven’t you seen it yet?

So, if after reading this mail you decide to go back to Jaén don’t hesitate to make a wish… But if you are also an investor who is looking for his next investment, or you are part of a company that wants to expand its territory and has not yet done so, take note: Jaén is ready. It has history, a powerful network of entrepreneurs, an admirable innovative spirit and the luck it takes to succeed. What else do you need?