We all must know how it feels to look for that extra bit of change leftover or that Nando’s peri-peri meal we can’t afford. Well fear not, as here is a list of 10 exciting free things to do in London that may surprise you!

1) Buckingham Palace – Yes this may be an obvious free photography session, but how close can you get to the Queens house? Located in the City of Westminster, the views are spectacular and look out for when the flag is up, her Majesty the Queen is home for tea .

2) Changing of the Guard – In all true tradition, during the British summer, The New Guard, who later becomes The Queen’s Guard, march to Buckingham Palace from Wellington Barracks at 11:30 am everyday and every other day in winter. This spectacle celebrates British history and is completely free to watch so why don’t you come along for the ride?

3) South Bank – The so called ‘rich and famous’ of London wander in these streets and who knows…you may bump into the hunk of Made in Chelsea, Spencer Mathews. Free walking tours are also available to join if you want all the scoop about the history of the iconic area.

4) Trafalgar Square – With statues of British History and the Lion that symbolises Britain, a new addition of an electric Blue chicken has been added to the collection – Hahn/Cock  is a sculpture of a giant blue cockerel by the German artist Katharina Fritsch and looks great in pictures.

5) M&M World, from the outside – The vibrant colours at Leicester Square make the strip of shops look like an art gallery. If you dare to walk in, be prepared to be bombarded with the most prettiest range of chocolates that you will ever see! Not to mention the price tag.

6) London Eye – How could this be so far down the list you ask? Well, taking a ride in one of the capsules is not free, but watching from the outside is, so bag yourself a bargain and visit one of the most iconic objects in London with a view from the bottom.

7) Big Ben – Ben is completely free to look at and what a great picture he makes when you exit via Bridge Street and capture the ‘underground’ sing with a back drop of Big Ben.

8) Houses of Parliament – To think, the future of Britain lies in those chambers. If you really want to make the most of it, try catching MPs moving from one building to another via 1 Parliament Street on a weekday.

9) Harrods – How can we forget the good old Harrods, now owned by a Qatari Authority, previously owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed – father of late Dodi Fayed and close friend of late Princess Diana. Come evening time, the building lights up with sparkling gold lights and when you take a look from the outside, this magical experience is free of charge.

10) Tate Modern Art Gallery at Bankside – A free art museum at your doorstep. With close access to all other symbolic landmarks in London, you don’t want to miss out on the history and culture off all things art, that has made its way into the present and future of Britain.

So a list of 10 exciting free things to do in London have made the cut. What are you waiting for? Come and visit!